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Our Sales team is the front line of ‘Creating Wow’ for our customers and prospects. Dedicated to helping businesses grow, and setting up our customers for long term success is a core focus. End-of-month pizza and Cher’s ‘Believe’ playing at full blast helps power and motivate our Sales team (and we think really any human being). Learn more about Sales at ActiveCampaign 
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Our Marketing team is passionate about helping businesses grow, and ‘Creating Wow’ for customers at every turn. Often referred to as ‘the front of the ship’ as it relates to driving the business forward, this team flexes its strength across brand, digital, multimedia and communications. Learn more about Marketing at ActiveCampaign 
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One of the most diverse and collaborative teams here at ActiveCampaign is our Product Engineering team. Made up of various product experts in mobile, e-commerce, and integrations, this team ships software like clockwork to continually iterate and improve the ActiveCampaign platform. Learn more about Product Engineering at ActiveCampaign 
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Our global Support team is on the front lines of ensuring our customers are happy and supported. This team can tackle anything from a password reset to navigating the ins and outs of some of the most complex automations. If you have a question about the ActiveCampaign platform, this team is sure to have the answer. Learn more about Support at ActiveCampaign 
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Our Success team is made up of a variety of specialities inclusive of our Implementations team, focused on getting customers onboarded efficiently, to our Education team who connects with customers directly, and digs into their needs and roadblocks to drive meaningful success. Overall, our Success team has one common goal - drive our customers to success. Learn more about Success at ActiveCampaign 
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Made up of Finance & Accounting, Legal, Business Operations and People, our General Admin teams are the key players in making sure the ActiveCampaign business runs smoothly. Learn more about General Administrative at ActiveCampaign 
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