Preparing for an Interview

with ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is committed to providing a fair and equitable hiring experience for all candidates, and we believe that starts with transparency. This page was created with the goal of setting expectations and preparing you for your candidate journey.

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Once you’ve identified an opportunity that interests you, submit your application for our Talent Team to review. We’re eager to learn more about you and your experiences and, if there’s alignment with a current opportunity, we’ll be in touch for an introductory call. If not, keep an eye on our careers page as we are always looking for new talent.

02 Talent Comms

Talent Communications

During your interviewing process with ActiveCampaign, you will get to speak and meet with many of our great staff members. Your dedicated Talent Partner will help you navigate the interview process and a Coordinator will cover the logistics and scheduling of your interviews.

03 Introductory call

Introductory call

(with Talent Partner)

If your application is a match, one of our Talent Partners will be in touch to schedule an introductory phone interview. During the initial phone call, our Talent Partner will acquaint themselves with your experience while allowing you the opportunity to learn more about the opportunity and ActiveCampaign. Go ahead- ask questions about the opportunity, the interview process, our company culture, or ActiveCampaign in general – we are all ears! Pending the outcome of this call, we may progress through our process. If we decide not to move forward, your Talent Partner will be in touch to inform you.

04 Hiring manager call

Hiring Manager Call

This step is sometimes conducted over video and during this call you can expect to discuss your experience in-depth as well as the scope of the role that you applied for. The Hiring Manager is your resource for any questions that you have about the responsibilities and expectations of the position as well as questions about the team dynamic.

05 Interview with team

Interview with The Team

The panel is usually two to four hours worth of interviews and can be broken up over multiple days if needed. You will be speaking with a carefully curated team of panelists (one or two at a time) that you would potentially be working with on a regular basis. This is an opportunity for our teams to learn about your experience and how you embody The AC Way Factors of Success- the guiding principles we use company-wide to ensure performance excellence.

06 Hiring assessment

Hiring assessment

Depending on the role, you may be asked to complete a mock sales call, take-home coding product assignment, or prepare a presentation or portfolio review. This task is to help provide you with an understanding of the role expectations and will offer you a chance to exhibit your expertise.

07 Hiring Team Debrief Decision

Hiring Team Debrief & Decision

After completing all portions of the interview process, our hiring team will debrief in order to come to a final hiring decision. Because this debrief process requires coordination of multiple schedules, it can take up to ten days for you to receive a response back on a decision. Depending on the role, you may be asked to conduct an additional meeting.

08 Talent partner touchpoint updated

Talent Partner Touchpoint

If selected for the position, your Talent Partner will schedule a phone call to discuss the offer details and ensure alignment. If not selected for the position, your Talent Partner will inform you of this update and is open to a conversation to share constructive feedback to help you better prepare for future interview opportunities.

09 Offer Pre employment

Offer & Pre-Employment

You will receive your official offer letter documents for signature. Once we have received your signed copies, we will begin the pre-employment process where you will receive directions to complete your background check and request professional references.

10 New hire onboarding

New Hire Onboarding

ActiveCampaign is excited to bring a virtual New Hire Onboarding to all regions. New hires will be invited to join a mix of zoom and recorded sessions throughout the week. Our Employee Onboarding team will conduct various sessions covering three main pillars: ActiveCampaign the Company, ActiveCampaign the Product, and ActiveCampaign the Customer. You will meet with members of our IT team to complete equipment setup, as well as members of our People Team to deep dive into our complete benefits plans and how to enroll. Along with these sessions, you will learn about our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion priorities and opportunities.

11 Requesting Accommodations

Requesting Accommodations

ActiveCampaign is committed to cultivating an inclusive culture and we want to be sure to accommodate the needs you have during your interview process. To request interview accommodations please notify a Talent Team member and we will connect you with our trained staff who will confidentially discuss your accommodation options.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can apply for more than one job if you feel your experience aligns with more than one of our openings. If our Talent Team feels that your experience better aligns with another open position, they will get you in touch with the appropriate TA contact and hiring process to explore further.

Meeting lengths vary by opening, but typically each meeting is 30-45 minutes. If you’re presenting an assessment or portfolio, the meetings could be up to 60 minutes. Your total interview panel time can vary between 2-4 hours.

ActiveCampaign is committed to equitable compensation practices. For positions within the United States, the salary range offered corresponds to location-based pay, as determined by the specific location of the job posting and applicable legal requirements.