Milos Srdjevic

SVP, International Operations

Milos Srdjevic is the SVP, International Operations of ActiveCampaign, where he oversees the company’s business intelligence and customer experience. Milos joined ActiveCampaign in 2005. Throughout ActiveCampaign’s growth, he has scaled the company’s operations and sustained profitability while evolving ActiveCampaign into a high-growth SaaS company with a global presence. Cultivating a culture of iteration, a global partner network, and a customer-centric environment, Milos focuses on creating unique customer experiences and applying adaptability and optimization at scale. He has been in the technology industry since 1997, developing marketing, business intelligence, and decision making systems for European SMBs, enterprises, and government organizations. He is the founder of Zelena Lutrija, a community that helps immigrants from former Yugoslavia transition into American life.