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ActiveCampaign CXA Raises the Bar for Customer Satisfaction, Lands at the Top of G2’s Best Software of 2022

Through the company’s ongoing commitment to customers, it continues to set the standard for the best software on the market

ActiveCampaign, the leader in customer experience automation (CXA), is named G2’s 2022 Best Software in eight categories, landing at No. 5 in the Marketing Products category and No. 6 in Global Sellers out of the top 50 and 100 software products, respectively. Because of the company’s commitment to the success of its customers, ActiveCampaign continues to receive high sentiment ratings well above its competitors.

In 2021, more than 3,000 ActiveCampaign customers across the globe left reviews which resulted in recognition as a top marketing product and global seller, as well as ranking in six other G2 Best Software categories, including: Content Management Products, Small Business Products, Commerce Products, Best Software Products, Sales Products and Office Products. The company has more four and five star ratings in marketing automation than its competitors, with its highest-rated features being automated email responses, sending outbound emails and lead nurturing.

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To further provide above average customer satisfaction, ActiveCampaign is opening its first global data center location in Europe to be inclusive for businesses around the world. Additionally, the company has allowed customers access to make real changes to the platform, drive its product roadmap, and ultimately, make the ActiveCampaign platform better for everyone. In fact, more than 300 customer ideas have been implemented and are now available to ActiveCampaign users.

ActiveCampaign’s ongoing commitment to customer success point to the positive reviews seen on the G2 platform, including:

  • Adding greater security features, such as Enterprise SSO, A2P 10DLC Registration and ensuring customers are GDPR compliant.
    • ActiveCampaign was one of the first in the industry to update its Data Processing Addendum to include the New Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission, which give customers the ability to comply with the GDPR when they transfer EU personal data outside the European Economic Area. 
    • Single sign-on (SSO) allows customers to automatically log into ActiveCampaign through an identity provider without needing a separate set of credentials. One of the most common cyber attacks on companies of all sizes are phishing attacks, which attempt to make individuals reveal personal information such as usernames and passwords. SSO means better enterprise security for businesses by reducing the potential to become compromised. Coupled with MFA, ActiveCampaign customers have been provided with multiple security options to make the login process highly secure.
    • In an effort to continually support customers and ensure the best possible service, ActiveCampaign built an A2P 10DLC Registration process within its platform to ensure each customer is properly registered and enabled to engage via its native SMS solution.
    • ActiveCampaign’s VP of Global Security Sue Bergamo was recently named the 2022 Cybersecurity Professional of the Year. Sue and her team ensure ActiveCampaign customers are offered the best in modern security and compliance. 
  • Committing to an even higher level of customer satisfaction.
    • A new centralized services page highlights how ActiveCampaign offers more free services than any competitor, including free online training and support, free accelerated and digital onboarding, unlimited community access, and more. It also includes dedicated information on its free migrations service, creating a one-stop resource to review all the ways ActiveCampaign goes above and beyond to provide more value than any other platform — right from day one.
  • As the leader in the 16 G2 quadrants the company is a part of, ActiveCampaign continues to offer the No. 1 industry-leading product for the best value, by asking for continuous feedback and iterating. 
    • The company launched custom objects, a feature that gives all users a complete view of every customer by unifying data from the apps they use the most such as Salesforce, Zendesk and Calendly. This provides all users with a feature commonly reserved for enterprise level accounts, meaning that businesses of all sizes are able to gain the most value from their integrations.  

Supporting quotes

“It’s exciting to see the positive feedback from our customers via G2’s platform since I personally read every review and am grateful for every iteration that comes from the great community of growing businesses we support,” said Jason VandeBoom, founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign.

“ActiveCampaign is a leader in many G2 categories for a reason. Whether businesses need help with lead scoring, personalizing their e-commerce site, or building effective email templates and content, ActiveCampaign’s technology ranks among our top global sellers,” said Victoria Blackwell, senior market research analyst at G2. “The company has proven success in democratizing access to the tools only enterprise business once had, making it one of our highest satisfaction products.”

“We launched ActiveCampaign for several clients a few years back and started realizing the power behind it. Automations and targeted segmentations are easy to achieve,” said Sum-Sum Chan, founder of Marketing and CRM Consulting. “I especially love the option to route all chats directly into an automation series with no additional set up needed. We integrated the platform with Salesforce seamlessly and are able to push the data back and forth to ensure membership information stays up-to-date. It’s a fantastic platform for solo marketers and larger teams alike.”

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