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Trending food delivery app in Brazil doubles its customer base using ActiveCampaign’s one to one personalization at scale

By adopting ActiveCampaign's platform, aiqfome scaled its 1:1 experiences with customers and aligned communication across all channels

aiqfome, a trending food delivery app in Brazil, chose ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), to help the company expand its user base while increasing overall engagement and satisfaction with their customers. With ActiveCampaign’s CRM technology, the food delivery app increased its email engagement 800% and doubled its customer base. ActiveCampaign is helping aiqfome compete with established delivery apps like iFood by providing a 1:1 experience at scale for all customers.

aiqfome email engagement grew with activecampaign

The adoption of ActiveCampaign’s CRM in mid-2021 was important for aiqfome to achieve rapid growth. The CXA platform enabled aiqfome to prioritize highly personalized communication with customers, which the aiqfome team refers to as humanized marketing. With ActiveCampaign, the company is better attuned to the reality of each customer, which aiqfome calls ‘fominhas,’ and offer 1:1 communication that improves the customer experience.

Additional benefits of ActiveCampaign CXA for aiqfome

  • The key to achieving positive customer experience results was the full integration of the aiqfome app into ActiveCampaign’s CXA platform. With this, the aiqfome CRM team works with a database that is automatically updated as soon as the data is inserted or modified in the app by the users.
  • With ActiveCampaign’s user-friendly email designer, aiqfome can create beautifully-designed, responsive campaigns that tailor messages to each individual customer.
  • The ability to create 1:1 experiences at scale is important for aiqfome because the application serves consumers in more than 500 Brazilian cities—most of them in the countryside. With the ActiveCampaign platform, the company is able to use data that considers the location of the ‘fominha’ and information related to previous orders. This enables the development of more accurate content to attract attention and satisfy the needs of each customer.

Supporting quotes 

“Because of ActiveCampaign, we’ve greatly improved the use of content campaigns via email, relationship metrics, SMS sending and other resources to improve the customer journey,” said Cleyton Oliveira, CRM analyst at aiqfome. “Through these improvements, the number of ‘fominhas’ went from 2 million to 4 million. With CXA, we can now access updates to our customer base quickly and efficiently. This is essential to the continued growth of our business, especially in a highly competitive market such as ours.”

“aiqfome has grown rapidly in Brazil because of the savviness of their team and our strong collaboration over the past few years,” said Tatiana Piloto, Vice President of LATAM, ActiveCampaign. “We look forward to continuing to help aiqfome provide the best possible experience to their fominhas and helping them become an even stronger player in their market.”

“Whether you’re competing in a crowded market like the food delivery industry or creating your own category with a unique product or service, there is no technology that helps businesses grow faster than ActiveCampaign’s CXA,” said Danilo Pilon at Eleven Sales, an ActiveCampaign partner. “ActiveCampaign’s platform is the only solution that helps businesses provide the best experiences to their customers and helps them increase operational efficiency at the same time.”


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