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Sales Reps Save One Day a Week With ActiveCampaign’s CRM

Businesses report saving time using ActiveCampaign’s leading CRM solution, allowing their team to sell more due to powerful sales automation technology

ActiveCampaign, the leader in marketing automation, email marketing and CRM, is enabling sales teams to save time, and instead of wrestling with their tools, spend the new found hours with customers and prospects. Businesses who are using ActiveCampaign’s CRM report that their sales teams rapidly increase sales productivity. ActiveCampaign’s CRM allows sales reps to save one day per week on admin work so they can focus on getting back to leads and closing more deals; saving companies an average of $11,000 per sales rep per year. One of the many companies saving dozens of hours per week with ActiveCampaign is PreviewMe, a video communication platform for sales and marketing teams.

activecampaign's crm automation saves sales reps one day a week

As PreviewMe grew, the manual and repetitive tasks grew too. Their team was using a combination of Excel spreadsheets, legacy CRM system Pipedrive, and other technology but none of these solutions connected, making for a cumbersome, disjointed process.

After implementing ActiveCampaign, PreviewMe’s sales reps started saving one day per week by automating repetitive tasks, their team increased the open rate for marketing messages from 9% to 38%, and they achieved a click-through rate of nearly 8% from their video email signatures—a welcome improvement. This proved their audience really wanted to know the person behind the email, which has increased growth.

How PreviewMe Has Grown With ActiveCampaign For Sales

  • Increased sales: PreviewMe uses ActiveCampaign to test out marketing campaigns with each of their unique audiences, which allows them to target leads that engage with their content. By understanding prospects and automating the connection between marketing and sales, the PreviewMe team continues to see churn drop month over month and demo bookings increase.
  • Scaled through powerful and flexible sales automation: PreviewMe has separate sales and account management pipelines, each with their own unique tasks and workflows. They use automation to move deals as quickly as possible through the sales cycle and have built email marketing behind each stage. Through ActiveCampaign, all of the automation businesses like PreviewMe need is built in, businesses don’t have to buy add-ons, or turn to costly enterprise CRMs laden with features they’ll never use. 
  • Capitalized on unexpected benefits: An unexpected benefit for PreviewMe was a nearly 8% click-through rate for video email signatures. In several instances, they didn’t create the campaigns for people to actually watch their video email signatures; they created the campaign for people to read their content. But that informed them that people were curious about the person sending the email. PreviewMe followed up by developing automated promotions specifically designed for those who watched the videos, something that was impossible with the legacy system. Their old CRM system also didn’t provide full visibility into click-through rates.

Experts Comment on Growing Through Sales Automation

“The goal of incorporating automation into your sales process should always be to improve the experience for your team by saving them time, and to improve the experience for the end customer by providing personalized communication,” said Jason VandeBoom, founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign. “If you’re using a static CRM, it isn’t going to help you scale your business. From day one at ActiveCampaign, we built our platform and tiers to best serve the needs of our customers.”

“The internal disconnect between sales and marketing has been bridged since using ActiveCampaign. Having processes all under one roof has been game-changing,” said Sarah Worthington, head of growth at PreviewMe. “As a growth leader, I no longer spend hours checking deal status or tasks across multiple channels. Nothing slips through the cracks anymore, and we have consistent comms going out to potential customers and newly landed clients.”


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