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Amid labor and skills challenges, Australian businesses double down on ActiveCampaign’s time-saving automation solutions

ActiveCampaign saved Australian businesses nearly 4 million hours in the past 12 months with customer experience automation

ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), saves each Australian business customer 46 hours per month on administrative tasks so their staff can focus on more strategic work. The company saved businesses across the country nearly 4 million hours in total this past year. With the Jobs and Skills Summit earlier this month revealing the current stress among employers to boost productivity, it’s clear businesses need to lean into marketing automation and sales automation. The CXA platform’s no-code solutions allow businesses to capitalize on interactions across channels to retain existing customers, engage new leads and grow.

activecampaign impact on australian businesses

Nearly half of businesses using CXA report they now spend more time talking to customers because of time saved through automation. The Summit addressed the need for automating routine tasks to improve productivity and ensure Australians are spending their time on strategic and high-impact work. ActiveCampaign’s no-code technology addresses the current skills shortage in the country and is designed to empower businesses with technology anyone can use, while also setting employees up to provide powerful, best-in-class customer experiences.

Additional ways ActiveCampaign sets up Australian businesses for success

  • Launching a reimagined email designer allows businesses worldwide to build better emails that truly engage their customers. With the ability to design in HTML, save content blocks across campaigns and automate relevant content, customers will see the real impact of a tailored customer experience.
  • Offering 850+ recipe automations to help businesses send abandoned cart reminders, handle booking requests, send RSVP confirmations through Postmark and more. ActiveCampaign recently launched 11 new Postmark recipes for a variety of common use cases, helping business owners sell across multiple marketplaces and ensure their operations are connected. 
  • Launching a Marketplace Hub with over 2,000 resources, templates and free tools to further support growing businesses, such as email copywriting templates to jumpstart content projects, a CRM template that works with both Excel and Google Sheets and a social media content calendar.
  • Partnering with Onesend, allowing joint customers to send personalized emails at scale with the click of a button. What might have been a 4-hour job previously (because of the number of tasks required to create, prep, design and send campaigns across hundreds of accounts) is brought down to minutes by using Onesend’s tool, OnesendHQ.

Supporting quotes

“Today’s customers expect businesses to be available when they are in need of your services. They expect quick follow-up and will shift attention to competitors if their loyalty is not rewarded with a great customer experience. That’s why automation is becoming increasingly important to remain relevant,” said Jason VandeBoom, founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign. “Platforms like ActiveCampaign automate a lot of routine activities and free up teams to better serve customers with more complex needs. Technology creates transparency between a business and its customers in ways that weren’t possible or seen before.”  

“Our partnership with ActiveCampaign only continues to grow because of how quickly our joint customers scale through the power of CXA,” said Scott Thomas, co-founder of Onesend, an ActiveCampaign partner. “Between the hours saved, improved customer experiences and confidence in the use of ActiveCampaign’s platform, it’s clear that CXA is the solution to skills and labor challenges here in Australia.”

“ActiveCampaign and Onesend have saved my team hundreds of hours by enabling us to create and send national email campaigns in just minutes,” said Cameron Osborne at Office Choice. “Not only does the technology save our employees time, but anyone that logs into the dashboard is able to send personalized email campaigns at scale and better understand the customer journey, no prior knowledge or coding required!”


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