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Roland Immediately Adds 5,000 New Qualified Leads Through ActiveCampaign’s Facebook Lead Ads Integration

Qualified leads coming from Facebook populate directly into Roland’s CRM through ActiveCampaign; their sales and marketing teams have increased engagement and retention by taking quick action

ActiveCampaign, the leader in marketing automation, email marketing and CRM, enables growing businesses like Roland to follow up with prospects coming in through Facebook Lead Ads immediately and to communicate with current customers in a more personalized way. Businesses no longer have to use third party tools or enter Facebook leads manually. As soon as a form is filled out via Facebook, a contact is created in ActiveCampaign for a new customer or a contact is updated for an existing customer with the complete history of every form they have filled out and all of the information they have provided. 

Then, using ActiveCampaign automations, including pre-built recipes, with a few clicks, businesses can set up follow up communications based on what those customers or prospects submitted in the form. Once set up, businesses can automatically turn leads into customers and customers into loyal advocates, without having to do any of this manually.

Press Release Roland Case Study Email

Roland, the company known for its iconic synthesizers and electronic musical instruments, wanted a way to capture leads and engage with them quickly. With many leads coming in through Facebook ads, they wanted them sent directly to their ActiveCampaign CRM with the new information included and a way to automatically follow up with these prospects based on that information. Because the integration was able to accomplish just that and quickly, Roland gained 5,000 new leads in only one month of using the integration. They achieved a 50% overall increase in lead generation.

Roland and other hyper-growth companies are using ActiveCampaign and its new Facebook Lead Ads integration to:

  • Quickly capture new leads, including all the relevant information you need with one click: While scrolling Instagram or Facebook, people can simply tap a business’ ad and a pre-populated form pops up with their contact information. With just a few taps, they can get the information they want, and a qualified lead is added directly to the ActiveCampaign CRM for further engagement.
  • Spend more time generating awareness with automated lead generation: This integration syncs newly generated leads directly to a business’ ActiveCampaign account so sales and marketing teams can take immediate action nurturing them through all pipelines, campaigns and automations. Businesses can connect all of their Lead Ad forms to ActiveCampaign to ensure their team is supported with an efficient workflow.
  • Segment email campaigns and automations based on form submissions: Send a welcome email, notify the team, create a segment or move a deal into a new stage whenever someone submits a form, without lifting a finger. For example, send Lead Ads form submitters an onboarding email series using ActiveCampaign’s ‘Facebook Lead Ads: Onboarding Upon Form Submit’ automation recipe.

Experts Comment on the Power of ActiveCampaign’s Facebook Lead Ads Integration

“Facebook Lead Ads has been a highly requested integration from our customers, and for good reason. Through ActiveCampaign’s powerful automation platform and Facebook’s Lead Ads tool, businesses now have a way to follow up with potential customers quickly and with messaging that matches the customer’s unique request,” said Jason VandeBoom, founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign. “At ActiveCampaign, our goal is to make creating a great customer experience accessible to businesses of all sizes. This integration speaks directly to that mission in making it as easy as possible to connect with customers and prospects in a personalized way.”

“Through ActiveCampaign’s Facebook Lead Ads integration, we are able to capture leads in a more efficient, cost-effective way. And not only that, we can seamlessly add our new leads into our powerful automations to guide them through a personalized journey and send them relevant information,” said Paul Smith, Global CRM Manager at Roland. “Because of this, we were able to generate a 50% increase in leads than the months before using the integration.”


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