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Through our ActiveTraining webinars & workshops, you can become an expert in the platform in no time.  We currently offer live training webinars that teach key ActiveCampaign features, strategies, and best practices, along with our interactive workshops where you can take an even deeper dive.

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ActiveTraining Series

Our ActiveTraining Webinar Series includes one to three 60-minute training sessions that introduce the key features of the platform and enable you to begin building in your ActiveCampaign account as quickly as possible.

Topics in this introductory session include basic account setup, contact management, segmentation, and form strategy.

Topics in this secondary session include building and sending campaigns, building and organizing your automations, and connecting your integrated tools to ActiveCampaign.

This introductory session is geared toward Starter plan users looking to start building in their new accounts.  Topics include basic account setup and high level overviews of segmentation, campaigns, automations, and integrations.

Topics in this session include building pipelines, stages and creating your first deals. We will also cover accounts, permissions and using automations with the CRM.

ActiveTraining Workshops

ActiveTraining Workshops are interactive learning sessions, where you can get strategic, personalized guidance from an ActiveCampaign expert on a dedicated feature in the platform. Questions and repeat attendance are encouraged!

Join us for this Customer Journey mapping session, where you can learn how to map out your own customer journey for your business and use your customer journey as the foundation for your ActiveCampaign strategy.

Join us for our Automation Building Workshop, where you can learn how to use automations for your internal business processes and outbound communication with prospects and customers.

Join us for our Campaign Strategy Workshop, where we will discuss email personalization and advanced campaign strategies, as well as deliverability, in order to prepare you to build meaningful customer experiences through your campaigns.

Join us in the CRM Building Workshop and learn how to organize your business processes into pipelines in the CRM, as well as how to partner the CRM with automations to seamlessly run your business.

Join our Landing Page workshop, where you can learn how to build and use high-converting landing pages in order to boost lead generation, promote sales, and create personalized journeys for your contacts.

Learn how to effectively plan out and build automations from scratch!  During this session, we will cover how to begin an automation using start triggers, actions you can perform in an automation, how to define success in an automation, how to effectively map out your automations prior to building.
Join us for our Email Deliverability Workshop, where we will discuss campaigns and deliverability strategies and prepare you to send your first campaigns and maintain optimal long-term deliverability. 
Learn how to Automate the Deals CRM and learn best practices for updating stages, setting up tasks, and measuring success.
“ActiveCampaign Office Hours” is where all your how-to queries are answered! 
Do you need help with building your first Automation or are you stuck with a tricky Automation that doesn’t seem to work?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 
Join us and get expert guidance on all your ActiveCampaign concerns.

ActiveTraining Industry Workshops

ActiveTraining Industry Workshops are interactive learning sessions, where you will learn ActiveCampaign strategies and best practices specific to your business’s industry.  In these 30-minute specialized sessions, we will cover account organization and management, installing effective automation recipes, integrating helpful apps and tools, and more – with plenty of time for Q&A along the way.  

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Become a Marketing Automation expert! Join one of our two-day in-person workshops for hands-on learning within your own ActiveCampaign account. You’ll walk away feeling empowered to use ActiveCampaign in new ways to grow your business!

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