Frictionless experiences, powered by AI

AI is transforming the way businesses approach customer experience. By leveraging AI-powered tools, teams can gain deep insights into customer behavior, automate repetitive tasks, and deliver hyper-targeted messaging.

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Enhanced efficiency,
better insights

With AI-powered tools, you can automate repetitive tasks, gain deeper insights into customer behavior, and make more informed decisions that drive results. Stay ahead of the competition, drive revenue growth, and improve customer satisfaction with AI.

Personalized, automated experiences

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, providing personalized customer experiences is essential for businesses to succeed. With AI, businesses can make data-driven decisions that are tailored to their customers’ unique needs and preferences, helping them stay ahead of the competition and drive growth. 

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Secret weapon for sales success

With AI, sales reps can have a complete understanding of your prospects, including their pain points, buying behaviors, and preferences, and use that information to engage with them in a more meaningful way.

By using AI to automate repetitive tasks, you can spend more time doing what you do best – building relationships and closing deals. 

Learn more about your customers with AI generated sentiment
AI generated content in emails

From idea to content in seconds

Creating high-quality content that resonates with your target audience is essential for success. Our AI-powered content generation tools help you go from idea to content in seconds, with natural language processing and machine learning algorithms that generate personalized and engaging content tailored to your specific business.

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“ActiveCampaign was the perfect fit for us. It has all the features we wanted, for a reasonable price. If a company has as many contacts as we have but doesn’t have an enterprise level budget, ActiveCampaign is a great choice.” 

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“I can genuinely say we’ve gone from zero customers to nearly 40,000. That’s all been in ActiveCampaign.” 

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“It blew my mind that I could have an automation just to do the task of updating a custom field with the last time that somebody opened an email or clicked on a link.”