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Sales Automation

Powerfully simple automation to accelerate your sales

ActiveCampaign for Sales is as powerful as your need to grow. By incorporating automation into your sales process, you’ll close far more deals, without any extra effort or manually managing time-consuming processes. And you won’t need to hire more sales reps. That’s the right way to scale—the smart way to scale.

An automated sales pipeline makes sure no deals slip through the cracks

See your whole sales process at a glance. When you set up pipelines and automate task assignment and sales routing, your sales team is always on the same page. Track interaction at every stage of the sales cycle, and pick up where anyone else left off.

ActiveCampaign sales pipeline with automated tasks at a glance
Leads with highest to lowest lead scores helping identify the highest priority leads

Qualify more leads more quickly—without the guesswork

Which leads are the highest priority? Who is most likely to become a customer? Instead of guessing lead quality, lead scoring puts a number to lead engagement. Update scores based on calls, email engagement, and site activity, so you always know which leads are ready to talk to your team.

Strengthen your pipeline with one-to-one emails

Save time and focus on the warmest deals most likely to close. Automated one-to-one emails in your outbound strategy ensures every insight is aligned for a stronger pipeline.

Fuel your pipeline more efficiently

Capture more of the right leads

ActiveCampaign one-to-one sales pipeline emails that is automated and personalized
Image of ActiveCampaign contact manager in the platform

Manage all your contacts in a single platform

Instead of chasing down phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, or past activity, manage your contacts in a central platform.

Save time while driving growth

Automate your sales process to allow sales to focus energy on the deals most important to their pipeline. Get access to a library of:

An automation that is triggere with a contact books a meeting or does not book a meeting. If they do not book, a one-to-one email is sent, and if they do book, a deal is added, the task is assigned to a sales person, and a task is created called 'schedule a call'

Connect to your favorite apps

Integrate with your favorite apps to build the most flexible and connected stack to grow your business.

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Keep your sellers focused on selling and attract bigger clients by connecting DocuSign.

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Stay organized and efficiently manage sales tasks without ever leaving your favorite digital HQ by connecting Slack.

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Automate data collection and eliminate manual tasks with Google Sheets integration.

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Capture new leads and engage with customers by connecting your Facebook with ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign sales apps and integrations

With over 900+ apps, you can connect with the tools that that fit your business.

Built for the way you run your sales team now and here to support you as you grow in the future

CRM & Sales Automation

Track leads, manage customer health, keep consistent client data records, and ensure your sales team is on the same page.

Sales Engagement

Automate the personal touch at scale to boost results across all areas of your business to drive more growth.

Sales Pipelines

Use sales pipelines to stay up-to-date on open deals so nothing slips through the cracks. When next steps are clear, you can turn interested leads into paying customers.

Lead Scoring

Score contacts and deals based on actions and interest. Automatically trigger email notifications and assign tasks based on lead score, so you can focus on the deals most likely to close.


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Bring marketing, sales, and transactional messages together.

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Everything you need to automate and scale your sales process

Close more deals more quickly

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Set up automation workflows to generate and engage leads with high-quality one-to-one messaging and automated sales tasks.

Sales Automation

Account-based selling at scale

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Segment against any characteristic to deliver hyper-personalized touchpoints based on your leads’s unique needs and preferences.


Make support teams more effective

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Collect lead information to facilitate easy scheduling for meetings, demos, and consultations using customizable forms.


Spend less to get customers

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Win probability tells your sales team the odds so you know when to nurture with automations and when to add a personal touch.

Win Probability

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