Why B2B SaaS companies choose ActiveCampaign

Innovative businesses around the world are focusing on elevating their customer journey through automation. ActiveCampaign is the must-have partner for them to automate nurture sequences, expand highly engaged accounts, and drive revenue growth with specific and personalized marketing motions. 

Product Features


  • 930+ integrations
  • Marketing automations
  • Abandoned cart
  • Cross-sell & upsell
  • Discounts & coupons
  • Subscriptions
  • Email marketing
  • Predictive sending
  • Product catalog
  • Forms & landing pages
  • Segmentation & tagging
  • Custom reporting
Marketing Automation

Powerful and versatile marketing automation

Automate more of your workflow and have more time to concentrate on creating the messaging and content that’ll resonate most with your audience. Use customer data to personalize and customize every touch point along their journey.

Comprehensive contact management

Collect important customer, account, and deal data by using ActiveCampaign’s custom objects, tags, and fields. Manage all data in one place for a comprehensive view of your customer base and their unique preferences. 

Contact Management
Analytics Reporting

Deep analytics and reporting

Make use of our rich reporting that’ll give you a closer look at campaigns, automations, conversions, revenue, and more to identify areas of growth opportunities. Plus, customize your metrics with BI-grade custom reporting.

Rich segmentation options

Our deep segmentation capabilities allow you to organize your contacts based on account info, deal fields, activity status, marketing actions, event sign-ups, location, attribution, site and event data, conversions, and more. 

Trend Analysis

Powerful behavior and trend analysis

Dive into behavioral analysis and understand why customers take specific actions. Use that data to re-engage and then get ahead of the curve by identifying behavioral trends that could have an effect on future engagement.

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Why do our SaaS customers love us?

“In other email marketing platforms I’ve missed certain features that Active Campaign has. Above all, it integrates with many plugins that I need and they’re constantly improving by adding new features and improvements. I’ve automated many processes on my website and ActiveCampaign saves me a lot of time.”


“I love the tagging feature of ActiveCampaign. I can create tags at any point in the marketing funnel and sort by those tags. ActiveCampaign also helps us collect our leads, sort them, automate the marketing process, and then track leads and progress. It’s saved me so much time with all of the automation options.”


“I can build a ton of different automations all in one place without developer intervention. Plus, I can customize my email design better than I was able to in Mailchimp or Constant Contact. So many marketing automation platforms suck up your entire budget. ActiveCampaign is so wonderfully affordable with 300k contacts.”