ActiveCampaign helps SaaS companies automate and drive revenue

Our features, functionality, and expansive integration ecosystem are the perfect ingredients to help you sell your products, generate leads, and grow your business.

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How B2B SaaS companies win with ActiveCampaign

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Attract more leads with a truly valuable product and then convert them into paying users by automating key touchpoints.

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Customize your product trial experience and start recommending your leads paid packages based on their behavior and usage.



Based on their product usage patterns, engage your customers with relevant content and confidently recommend the pricing tier that makes sense for their business.

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By tracking feature usage in your app, see how close users are to hitting feature limits and boost conversions by helping them upgrade at the right time.

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Activate your leads to self-serve their own conversion and personalize the customer journey so they’re confident in adopting new features.

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Shorten your sales cycle by automating deal, account, and task management, ultimately creating a seamless marketing-to-sales lead handoff.

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What makes ActiveCampaign ideal
for B2B SaaS companies?

“ActiveCampaign is great to automate triggered emails. Before we used ActiveCampaign, we sent a series of emails manually, which was very time-consuming, and was not consistent across clients. Now we have consistent branding and communication for all clients.”


“Great for streamlining marketing and sales efforts. We’ve been using Active Campaign for over 20 months and it’s really helped us streamline our marketing and sales structure. This is an excellent tool that will assist you from the beginning to the end of the customer journey.”


“ActiveCampaign helps me track all new partners. I use ActiveCampaign every day, all day. I have created different stages for tracking my potential partners and have automated the process to move them through my pipeline to each stage until the deal is won.”


How B2B SaaS companies win with ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign helps SaaS businesses grow by giving you a selection of automation tools you
can use to engage customers, sell products, and drive profits.


ActiveCampaign automations sped up PreviewMe’s sales cycles, resulting in warmer leads and growing revenue.

By creating custom tags to track critical KPIs, they could quickly follow up and increase conversions.


When Artivive switched from HubSpot to ActiveCampaign, they saw a 47% increase in email engagement and a 1000x growth in their community.

“Everything we’ve accomplished has been with the help of ActiveCampaign automations.”

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With ActiveCampaign features like A/B testing and segmentation, Iconosquare reinvented their customer journey.

“Being this in tune to what is and isn’t working helps us engage our customer base more meaningfully and be a leader in providing great customer experiences.”


When they adopted ActiveCampaign, they began using predictive sending and saw a 300% increase in email revenue month over month.

Before ActiveCampaign, Soundsnap scheduled emails to go out all at once, leading to their customers getting the emails when they were the least likely to read them.