Use Sophisticated Segmentation To Send The Right Messaging To The Right People

Improve your overall marketing strategy with features like a user-friendly interface, robust automation, advanced personalization, and deep CRM functionality. Review these two leading marketing software solutions and find the perfect fit for your needs.


Plan Type: Plus
Emails/month: 10x contact limit
Setup Costs: $0

Advanced Segmentation
Advanced Automation
Comprehensive CRM

$ 49
per month - paid yearly


Plan Type: Advanced
Emails/month: Unlimited
Setup Costs: $0

Marketing Automation
Landing Page Templates

$ 99
per month - paid yearly

Powerful personalization to create stronger customer relationships

  • Robust dynamic content options for personalized messaging
  • Behavior-based automation triggers for highly targeted campaigns
  • Comprehensive CRM integration for effective segmentation
  • Advanced lead scoring and tagging functionality
  • Deep analytics for data-driven personalization
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Use sophisticated segmentation and personalization to create a one of a kind customer experience

Supercharge your marketing campaigns with advanced segmentation functionality that enables you to create highly tailored audience segments. Target and engage customers based on their actions and preferences in order to foster more relevant and impactful communications, drive increased engagement and ultimately, boost your conversions.

Boost customer engagement through precise personalization

Take advantage of features liks personalization, behavior-based triggers, and advanced segmentation in order to deliver tailored messages that resonate with your audience and foster a deeper connection with each customer.


Advanced Segmentation

Streamline how you filter contacts and test your campaigns by using conditions that allow for different combinations of collected data.

Site and Event Tracking

Track website activity and custom events for personalized targeting and triggering automation.

Customizable Templates

Choose from a library of email templates and customize them with a drag-and-drop editor.

Predictive Sending

Optimize email delivery times based on individual recipient behavior, increasing open rates.

One-on-one Email Personalization

Personalize messaging by inserting custom fields and CRM data directly into your emails.


Advanced Automation

Create automations with conditional logic.

Behavioral-Based Triggers

Trigger automations based on specific customer actions, enabling highly personalized campaigns.

SMS Marketing Automation

Engage with customers through text messages.

Split Testing

Run A/B tests on your email campaigns to optimize performance and drive better results.


Deep Contact Management

Manage contacts, track customer interactions, and nurture leads all within the CRM.

Robust CRM

A central hub for storing, organizing, and incorporating customer data to manage customer relationships and sales pipelines.

Lead Scoring

Prioritize and segment leads based on their engagement level and likelihood of conversion.

Pipeline Management

Track and manage deals efficiently using a suite of sales automation features.

Personalization Based on CRM Data

Create one-on-one email personalization based on each customer's CRM data.


API Connection

Utilize an extensive API for custom integrations and development.


Connect webhooks for real-time data updates and notifications.

E-commerce Integrations

Integrate popular e-commerce platforms to save time and streamline the fulfillment process.

How ActiveCampaign wins over MailerLite

Elevate your audience targeting and outreach.

Multi-channel messaging

Use email, SMS, Facebook Custom Audiences, and more to reach your contacts where they are.

A/B testing

Test emails—or entire automation workflows—to find what works and what doesn't for your subscriber lists.

Date-based automation

Trigger automations when you update content and automatically follow up with your target audience.

Goals & goals reporting

Measure your efforts and optimize your funnel to get the most out of your automation tool.

Contact & lead scoring

Understand email subscribers engagement, identify their interests, and send them what you know they'll love.

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