Automation helps you gain and engage your clients

Our advanced automation and lead management capabilities give agencies and consultants the tools to track their customer’s experience and make data-driven decisions to grow their (and their client’s) business.

Automation helps you gain and engage your clients

ActiveCampaign lets you track, manage, and engage with leads all in one place

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Lead generation and management

Track and manage your leads in a centralized place, our CRM. Create lead capture forms, landing pages, and pop-ups to collect customer contact information.

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Nurture leads

Gain and keep more customers by personalizing lead nurturing campaigns. Engage your customers where they are by automating multi-channel marketing touches.


Manage client relationships

A CRM with automation makes it easy to manage client relationships. See all of your client’s information in a single view, and make sure no one slips through the cracks.

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Boost client engagement

Leverage features like conditional content and A/B testing to optimize email marketing efforts and send tailored messaging to boost customers engagement and conversion.

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Build your brand with content

Keep your brand in front of people with a regular newsletter. Deliver targeted content that’s relevant to each specific segment of your audience.


Automate marketing activities

Use automation to send timely, personalized messages to ensure you connect with the right people, at the right time, in the right channel to improve conversion.

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Why marketing agencies and consultants love ActiveCampaign

“Everything you need for a small business to scale upwards. My favorite has to be the automations. I managed to completely automate all my sales and onboarding processes by using AC’s CRM and automations. The flexibility when it comes to the CRM fields, tags, etc. makes ActiveCampaign a very powerful platform”


“What you need for advanced email automation. One of the best email automation tools on the market. Very wide selection of email templates, landing pages, forms, pop-ups. Hundreds of different segmentation options. And the email automation sequences and logics for a variety of customer journeys you can create is just mind blowing.”


“Using ActiveCampaign for my business and my client’s businesses. “For our clients and us, ActiveCampaign helps our clients stay connected with their customers and patrons. It helps them to keep the conversation going and nurture the interactions. It’s also helping us capture more leads.”


Agencies and consultancy see real success with ActiveCampaign

See why ActiveCampaign is a top choice in helping agencies and consultants grow their client base, nurture leads, and capture engagement with personalized email automations.

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Wonsulting collected contact information using ActiveCampaign forms and saw 25k newsletter signups in one month.

“ActiveCampaign has given us back hundreds of hours a month that we use to continue scaling our services.”


With ActiveCampaign, Círculo created a series of automated emails that touched every stage of the customer lifecycle.

“ActiveCampaign helped us increase the number of leads generated through email marketing by 30%.”