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Q: How do I join or merge existing contacts?

An ActiveCampaign user accidentally had one contact with three different email addresses in one of their lists resulting in three separate contacts for one person. They didn’t want to lose any information when joining or merging them.

The answer

To start off, there are a few important notes we need to make about merging contacts:

  • It’s not possible to merge more than two contacts at the same time.
  • Once a contact is merged, it can’t be undone.

That being said, here’s how you would go about merging contacts and not lose the information already added to each separate contact record.

First, open the two contacts you want to merge in separate tabs. Open the contact record (Contact B) – this is the contact you will be merging the other contact (Contact A) with. On the top right, click the dropdown next to the “Send a Campaign” button. Click the “Merge” option that appears.

If the contact you wish to merge into is listed, click the “Merge” button. If the Destination contact of your choice isn’t listed, type their email address in the search bar and click the Merge” button. Once these contacts are merged, you can repeat the same process again with the third contact.

Merge option in action dropdown in contact record

For more information, see our guide on merging contacts or reach out to [email protected]

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