Marketing automation has gotten old

Times keep changing, and so does technology. If you’re trying to connect with customers through current and future channels (like email, web, social, and SMS) bloated email marketing tools that claim to do full funnel automation will limit your growth. It’s why their customers switch to us every day. And why we have 150,000 customers across 170 countries.

Why limited-feature marketing automation solutions fail

Marketing automation continues to evolve, and it’s no longer enough to send eblasts or do a simple drip email campaign. You need powerful automation that connects you to customers across all the latest channels, and easy-to-use tools for building meaningful customer experiences that drive loyalty and advocacy. Don’t risk having to start over when their tools don’t help your business reach their growth potential.

Global Success

130,000 customers in 170 different countries. Global campaigns in more than 15 languages.

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Customer Success

More than 5,500 5-star reviews on G2.

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Full customer lifecycle

Meaningfully engage customers through the entire lifecycle.

Connect across all channels

Create a unified inbox across email, web, SMS, live chat, and social media. With all channels connected in one place, it’s easy to activate relevant experiences at every touchpoint.

Automate a hyper-personalized experience

“Dear ” is not enough. Create unique paths that evolve based on customer behavior and actions—ensuring every customer’s communications are unique.

Predictive automation templates

500+ automation templates served up based on your unique business challenges, so you’re always taking the most effective next step. That’s in addition to a robust email and landing page template library.

No automation recipes and limited templates

300+ integrations

With 870+ integrations to all the tools you love to use like Shopify, WordPress, and Zapier, ActiveCampaign works with what you use now and what you'll adopt as you grow.

Free implementation

No need to pay start-up fees, like with most vendors. Get help from a real person importing your lists, contacts, custom fields, tags, automation workflows, opt-in forms, and email templates, at no extra cost.

You pay more!

Improve your customer experience today

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ActiveCampaign is our top choice
“ActiveCampaign’s automations are easy to build, and their CRM features are both easier to use and more plentiful than their competition. We can easily assign custom tags to our contacts based on actions they take inside our app, to help us identify detailed segments of our customer base with ease. ActiveCampaign’s support is also second to none…it is very valuable to be able to have knowledgeable support to help when needed.”
— Bryan M, 5-star G2 review


How is customer experience automation different?

Scale a hyper-personalized customer experience across all channels, and through the entire customer lifecycle.

Complete view of the customer journey

Customer experience automation is focused on the entire customer experience. That means data from every touchpoint (like purchases, calendar invites, and everything else you can track) comes together, giving teams the full context they need to drive meaningful interactions with customers pre-, mid-, and post-purchase.

Connect across every channel

Customer relationships should extend beyond email and drip campaigns. ActiveCampaign lets you drive meaningful interactions across email, web, SMS, live chat, and social via one unified inbox. When you give customers a connected experience across channels, you build stronger, more authentic relationships.

The power of CXA

The best automation doesn’t force every customer onto one path—it provides truly unique experiences based on each customer’s needs, preferences, interests, and past actions. Plus, it’s easy to set up. Predictive automation templates tailored to your business needs let you get started immediately.

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