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They’re focused on growth through better CX

It’s not about more opens and clicks, it’s about more customers and sales
You aren’t evaluating ActiveCampaign because you want to make “vanity metrics” look good. It comes down to what ActiveCampaign can do for your business. ActiveCampaign is ranked #1 by G2 in Marketing Automation and ranked #1 by TrustRadius in Email Marketing because we help you attract more customers, keep more customers, and grow your revenue. top rated top 100 2020
I need to keep my reps focused on high value work, not minutia
Your sales reps and support agents are critical to acquiring and retaining customers. As you ramp up your outreach, they’ll be stretched thin, and you could face rising costs. Why? Because more and more of their day will be spent on the minor operational details of moving leads through the funnel and appending data to each contact. It’s time to let machines do what they do best, and let humans do what they do best. Use ActiveCampaign to automate customer interactions behind the scenes and give your team intuitive tools to help customers. You'll increase efficiency, and you’ll keep reps focused on the most qualified leads and the highest-value customer conversations. Sales CRM with Automation
My entire team is involved in improving the customer experience

Shaping your customer experience isn’t just a marketing thing, a sales thing or a support thing — it’s an everyone thing. You need a platform that enables all the functions in your organization to collaborate, with a single holistic view of the customer. ActiveCampaign is the first and leading Customer Experience Automation (CXA) platform, spanning email marketing automation, sales automation, CRM and support tools, with the ability to easily connect with other applications your team uses. Don’t settle for less than empowering everyone in your company to help create a truly remarkable customer experience.

Customer Experience Automation

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They need powerful, flexible, easy-to-use tools

My customers don’t want to see the same messages everyone else does

Customers want you to talk to them as individuals. It makes business sense to do so. McKinsey & Company studies show that personalization reduces acquisition costs as much as 50%, lifts revenues by 5-15%, and increases the efficiency of marketing spend by 10-30%. ActiveCampaign goes way beyond “Dear [first_name]” and lets you use dynamic content to personalize text and images based on the way a customer browses and buys. And we’re innovating with machine learning, bringing you predictive sending and predictive content to automatically send the right message to the right person at the right time. ActiveCampaign lets you bring your customer data into one central place, and stay closely connected with customers as you grow.

Machine Learning 


It's important to be able to reach my customers wherever they are

Your audience dwells in many digital places — not just their inbox. ActiveCampaign makes it easy to reach them across many channels, without data silos in each channel.


Create beautiful emails, finely segment them based on customer attributes and engagement patterns, and deploy them in automations or single sends.

SMS Text Messaging 

Incorporate SMS into your strategy to see your conversions soar.


Follow up with your contacts when you’re on Facebook.

Site Messaging 

Engage prospects with site messaging at the perfect moment while they’re on your landing page.

It's key to be able to plug in the other applications we use every day

Your workflow is unique to your business, and you already use several best-of-breed applications. But our competitors take an all-in-one, best-of-none approach, and make it hard for you to connect your favorite apps. Their inflexibility could lead to disjointed workflows and data silos in your business. ActiveCampaign is different. Our flexible platform offers 870+ integrations used by over 70% of our customers. It’s dead simple to connect applications like Shopify, Salesforce, Typeform, Google Sheets and more, and to deeply weave them into the automations you create — no coding required.

View 870+ integrations 

shopify integration


Drive more purchases by integrating Activecampaign with Shopify.



The ActiveCampaign and Salesforce integration allows you to identify and nurture leads using industry-leading automation.



Using Typeform with ActiveCampaign will allow you to connect your contacts between both applications.


I don't just want pretty charts - I want insights I can take action with

We've all seen analytics that are interesting, but not actionable. With ActiveCampaign, you can turn insights into actions and systematically improve performance.

Conversion Attribution 

View customer paths from first message all the way to purchase, and better allocate your marketing investments.

Split Tests and Split Actions 

Compare how customers engage with different message variations, and optimize accordingly.


Track “micro-conversions” within the steps of your automations.

Mobile App 

Get real-time insights wherever you go.

I know the importance of automation, but I’m not an automation expert

ActiveCampaign has every advanced automation capability you can think of, and you can customize your automations as much as you want. But you don’t have to be an automation pro to find quick success. Just use our automation recipes: 500+ free pre-built automations like Abandoned Cart Reminder, Shopify Email Reminder to Repurchase, and Notify When A Sales Deal Has Not Closed. Recipes let you set up powerful automations in a few clicks, and you can easily make changes to suit your needs.

Get started with 500+ automation recipes 


Abandoned cart reminder



Shopify Email Reminder to Repurchase



Notify when a sales deal has not closed

Any Industry

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Send a notification on purchase



Learning Videos


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3 Steps To Building Your First Automation

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Plug N Play Automations

In this webinar, Meg discusses automations that you can use and reuse to help power your business.

Top-performing G2 leader in every category

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