High-performing emails don’t need to be guesswork

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As easy as sending a regular email campaign

Split testing your emails is as simple as sending an email campaign. How simple can it get? All you need to do is select “Split Testing” and write a second subject line.

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Try it free. No credit card required. Instant setup.

What exactly can you test?

Email subject lines

Subject lines are your best chance to build curiosity and get opened. Which one will win?

Email content

Once people open, what do they want to see? Test entire emails against each other.

From information

Who should your emails come from? How should you format the from name?


Which visual makes for the most compelling email? Puppy gifs or cat gifs?

Calls to action

How can you most effectively get people to take action? Test your calls to action.


Compare up to five emails at a time

You can do A/B testing…or A/B/C/D/E testing. We’ll let you test up to five emails at once. Find the best combination of subject line, content, images, and call to action.

What if you could test entire automations?

We’ll let you test emails—but you can also test entire automated workflows. Is your funnel converting as well as it could be?
Split subject pipeline

Which subject wins?

Unless you have a crystal ball, you can’t predict which subject lines work best. Test subject lines and from information to get the best results.

Which email is better?

Every click could be a sale. Test emails against each other to see which content brings the most people to your business.

What does success look like for your business?

You choose how you want each split test to run. You choose whether opens or clicks decide the winner. Run the tests that make the most sense for your goals.

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