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The Challenge

  • Disparate marketing platforms were not intuitive and costly.
  • Previous tools didn’t provide the level of automation they needed to develop marketing and customer success workflows effectively.
  • Struggled to manage and scale personalized marketing effectively with their existing tools.

The Solution

  • Integrated ActiveCampaign solution was intuitive to use and provided better customer insights and a more seamless marketing and customer success environment.
  • Advanced Automation and CRM Integration allowed Billetto to automate essential marketing and customer success tasks ensuring top-tier customer service and retention.
  • Efficient Personalization and Segmentation allowed Billetto to automate delivery of highly personalized emails based on factors like geographic location, interests, and behavior.
“I would recommend ActiveCampaign because it is easy and quick to set up and use, even for people who don't have extensive marketing experience. Also, the support team from ActiveCampaign is not only there for technical issues, but also help with strategy development.” - Lina Kocetkovaite, Customer Success Manager

Billetto, a rapidly growing online ticketing company, offers an innovative platform for event organizers to sell, manage, and promote their...

Company Size
1-100 employees
ActiveCampaign for Marketing

Billetto, a rapidly growing online ticketing company, offers an innovative platform for event organizers to sell, manage, and promote their events with ease. As the company operates in 14 markets across Europe and currently focusing on the growth of existing markets, its marketing needs evolved. This demanded an integrated and efficient system to keep up with its growth. Lina Kocetkovaite, Customer Success Manager at Billetto, took the challenge of improving B2B marketing communication. ActiveCampaign was essential in helping her and the team succeed.

Inefficient tools hampered growth

While Billetto was enjoying a growing customer base, its marketing toolset faced significant challenges. “Before our team was using ActiveCampaign, we used Intercom and Mailchimp simultaneously. Instead of having an integrated solution, we were piecing together two different platforms, and obviously paying for both as well” Lina explained. “Not only was this confusing to manage, we didn’t get as many insights and understanding patterns for our customers. It was a big task to merge data for customers, recognize who was engaged across platforms and manage different permission sets.” In addition, Lina further shared, “…the solutions we had were not intuitive for us. The interface and the whole UI/UX is what I personally didn’t like.”

With all the complexities, difficult user- experience and inefficiencies around the existing tools, Billetto needed an overhaul in its marketing approach.

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User-friendly automation creates VIP customer service

“Moving to ActiveCampaign changed everything,” remarked Lina. “The whole UI is so much better and more intuitive,” she added. “ActiveCampaign allows us to have one place to do all this and gives us the foundation for a much better customer understanding in the long run. With ActiveCampaign, there’s always more we can improve with our setup as the feature set is so wide and diverse. We’re talking about a customer score to better understand churn, retention, and loyalty, and without a merged system this wouldn’t be as possible. ActiveCampaign’s automation tools provided solutions we didn’t even realize we needed,” the Billetto team shared. 

“We didn’t have the level of automation we needed to build out our retention workflows prior to ActiveCampaign.” Lina explained that Billetto’s sales team mainly uses HubSpot for tracking leads and prospecting activities. The Customer Success team tracks their account management activities in Salesforce. “We use AC’s sync feature with our CRM system to have a complete overview to better tailor to our customers.” ActiveCampaign’s Salesforce integration helps to trigger automated and personalized messaging based on crucial data like “interaction temperatures, when was the last time they logged in, when was their last event,” and so on. 

This also helps to surface customers so the team knows which accounts might need some extra care. The seamlessly integrated system has helped the team build a custom process that works best for them. To simplify all of this, ActiveCampaign uses the data from Salesforce to help automate many of the account management tasks that would be easy to forget otherwise. 

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Peeking behind the curtain of Billetto’s success

To help understand this, it’s important to understand Billetto’s unique customer base. Billetto has a broad range of accounts with different use cases and frequency. Accounts are flagged as high-frequency (like music venues or bands on tour) or low-frequency (like annual marathons or large conferences). 

ActiveCampaign gave Billetto the unique ability to identify and reach out to event organizers who might not be consistent in their postings but haven’t necessarily churned. “It actually allows us to catch them in between events and allows us to reach out and help them,” Lina said, adding that this tool “Allows us to remember organizers that otherwise would be forgotten.”

When an account goes a certain amount of time without scheduling an event in the platform, ActiveCampaign sends an internal notification reminder directly to CSMs email to reach out to check in with these customers. This gives the CS team the ability to help organizers use more of the platform and nurture relationships or touch base with customers who may be in danger of churning. Knowing these tasks are automated helps Lina and the other CSMs provide world-class customer service, even with a small team. Sending the tasks directly to their inboxes ensures nothing gets missed. 

Personalization and Efficiency on an International Scale

Additionally, the ability to duplicate automations allowed them to efficiently manage and scale marketing for the 14 different countries Billetto serves. “It’s definitely efficient. We’re separating all of our automations by country and language. If I’m creating one automation I need to create 14 of them.” Since Billetto manages all of these responsibilities with a small team, this time savings is crucial. 

The capability to incorporate conditional content into their email campaigns, considering various conditions and segmentation factors, proved instrumental for Billetto in effectively handling its expanding customer base.

By tailoring content based on a contact’s geographic location, demographic profile, interests, and behavior, Billetto was able to automate the delivery of highly personalized emails. Thanks to ActiveCampaign, Billetto gained both ease and assurance in sending out customized emails that were attuned to specific customer use cases and countries, which includes product launches and language-specific content for the European markets.

Stellar service and strategy from ActiveCamapign Experts

ActiveCampaign’s customer service was also a highlight for Lina. “I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than 24 hours to hear back from you guys,” Lina noted appreciatively. The team also received valuable assistance in strategy development, apart from the standard technical support.

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Impact Metrics: The Tangible Benefits

Using ActiveCampaign led to tangible benefits for Billetto. “We are saving around 32% monthly,” from switching Lina revealed. With cost savings, improved customer outreach, and streamlined marketing processes, Lina says she would “recommend ActiveCampaign because it is easy and quick to set up and use.”

With the automated outreach and personalization that comes with conditional content and segmentation, Billetto is also enjoying stellar metrics on their email communication. “Our average open rate for the past year (since September 2022) is 53.35% and our click rate is 7.22%.”

Billetto’s journey with ActiveCampaign is a testament to the power of an integrated and efficient marketing automation platform. It not only solves immediate challenges but also unveils new avenues for better customer engagement.

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