The Challenge

  • To find a tool that could adapt with his business, not the other way around. He needed a way to automate as many processes as possible, focus on the strategic part of the business, and define a sales strategy

The Solution

  • An automated abandoned cart email gave the help they needed without the help of a sales team 
  • Predictive sending gave the ability to send emails at the customer’s preferred open times
The results went beyond what I expected. I had a significant increase in email opens and sales. Predictive sending nearly doubled our open rate and we’ve had an 18% sales increase.

When you’re a small company of one or two people, how much time is spent on day-to-day upkeep? How can...

Company Size
1-100 employees
Online Training/Education
ActiveCampaign for Marketing

When you’re a small company of one or two people, how much time is spent on day-to-day upkeep? How can you save that time…so you can focus on the strategic part of your business?

Tiago Albuquerque had a career as the project manager at a large law company. When his project to create legal content for lawyers stalled, Tiago saw an opportunity. He decided to leave the law firm and start his own business: Demistificando.

Desmistificando creates courses for lawyers that focus on professional training and law practice. The company is one of Hotmart’s (the leading platform to sell digital products in Latin America) top regional course producers.

Desmistificando’s slogan is “Demystifying the Law: Simple Explanations for Complicated Rights.”

Ylena Tenório, Tiago’s wife, also quit her job to help grow Desmistificando. As their business took off, Tiago needed simple solutions for some complicated problems of their own. They wanted a better way to:

  • Market the business
  • Manage leads
  • Save time

Tiago needed a tool that would adapt to their business — not one he’d have to adapt their business to. He found what he was looking for in ActiveCampaign.

Keep reading to learn how Desmistificando:

  • Converts 50% of their abandoned carts with automated emails
  • Uses conditional content in emails to generate thousands of dollars
  • Doubled their open rate and increased sales by 18% with Predictive Sending

Don’t shortchange your business’s potential to fit your software’s limitations

Tiago had done some social media marketing on his last job, but he had to learn email marketing from scratch.

He started with Mailchimp. But as his business grew more successful, Mailchimp’s price grew, too. Mailchimp quickly became too expensive. He decided the cost increase wasn’t worth the limited features he got in exchange.

“When I saw that the price was too high, I started looking for other tools and ended up finding ActiveCampaign,” Tiago says. “It was the same price and offered way more features.”

“With ActiveCampaign, I learn more about email marketing — and how to market in the right way.” – Tiago Albuquerque

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When you’re only two people running a successful online business, time becomes your most important asset. You need to automate as many processes as you can.

Tiago saw that ActiveCampaign had the features he wanted, like:

  • Lead scoring
  • Automations
  • Customizable marketing funnels

“I was looking for a tool that could automate as many processes as possible, since it was just me and my wife,” explains Tiago. “I needed a platform that would let me focus on the strategic part of the business.”

How an email automation won back 50% of Desmistificando’s lost sales

Before ActiveCampaign, Desmistificando didn’t have a defined sales strategy. Tiago studied his options and found that webinars would be the best way to share his law content. He decided on WebinarJam when he discovered it integrates with ActiveCampaign. It was “exactly what we needed.”

With the WebinarJam/ActiveCampaign integration, it is possible to segment Desmistificando’s audience by:

  • Who registers but doesn’t watch the webinar
  • Who watches all of the lectures
  • Who stops watching a webinar in the middle of a lecture
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If you sign up for a lecture but don’t watch it, Desmistificando sends you an automated follow-up email. Time conflict? You can reschedule. Connection issues? Here’s some troubleshooting advice.

Tiago and Ylena created automations together, to see which ones had a positive impact on their business. They tested an abandoned cart recovery automation: They hoped to convert a few more sales.

Did ActiveCampaign’s abandoned cart features recover any of those “lost” sales?

“It’s a success!” says Tiago. “We have a 50% abandoned cart conversion rate.

And that’s without a sales team to follow up on leads. All of those sales are recovered through email automation.

“ActiveCampaign helps us improve our sales conversion rate, even without a sales team.” – Tiago Albuquerque

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We have a helpful article that shows you how to create your own abandoned cart series.

How conditional content improved Desmistificando’s relationship with their customers…and brought in lots of revenue.

“We send weekly newsletters, and we used to send the same email to all contacts. Talking equally to everyone was not a good strategy.”

If you email your customers content that’s not relevant to their interests, they stop paying attention to your emails. That means fewer clicks — and more unsubscribes.

Can you send a single email to your entire list, but personalize the details for every contact?

You can, with conditional content.

Conditional content lets you send different content for different contacts without spending a lot of time on multiple emails.

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What makes each person want to buy? Show them that.

You can use conditional content in your emails with:

  • Images. Use site tracking and tagging to show customers the products they’re interested in.
  • Offers. Insert a different offer based on what stage of the customer lifecycle your contact is in.
  • Copy. Send unique content (like an article or links) to address a problem a contact wants to solve with your product.
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Desmistificando puts a conditional content block into weekly emails. It contains a special offer for those who have already seen one of their lectures.

“When you can go beyond just personalizing a name…that’s revolutionary. I have never seen any platform that has a conditional content feature like this.”

Tiago goes on to say, “Since we’ve started to use conditional content, each email generates 10 – 15k BRL ($2.5 – $3.5k USD).

How “demystifying” the best time to send an email doubled open rates (and led to an 18% increase in sales)

When ActiveCampaign’s predictive sending feature came out, Tiago and Ylena were pretty excited. Desmistificando’s customers would get emails based on when they’d most likely open them.

Immediately, Tiago used the feature on an email automation he’d built for upcoming product launches.

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ActiveCampaign’s predictive sending data model ranks each hour in a day based on a contact’s habitual open time, and uses this information to schedule the best send time

“The results went beyond what I expected. I had a significant increase in email opens and sales. Predictive sending nearly doubled our open rate and we’ve had an 18% sales increase.

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