Protect Your Wealth scales its business with ActiveCampaign and Dropbox Sign 






The Challenge

  • Limited ability to scale while keeping team small
  • Possibility of client experience changing as business scales
  • Challenging to keep up with disclosures, deadlines, and important dates inherent with financial services

The Solution

  • Automations allow team to service larger customer base while remaining lean
  • With managerial tasks covered by ActiveCampaign automation and integrations, team can focus on providing excellent customer experience
  • ActiveCampaign and Dropbox Sign automation ensure no important dates or signatures are missed.
ActiveCampaign has been instrumental in growing the business. It allows me to be effective in multiple areas, and I’m able to better scale and grow the business. I'm very excited about the future.

Protect Your Wealth founder Parvesh Benning has been in banking his entire career. In 2007, he left a major bank...

Company Size
1-100 employees
ActiveCampaign for Sales

Protect Your Wealth founder Parvesh Benning has been in banking his entire career. In 2007, he left a major bank to start his own company with the hopes of making financial planning more accessible. 

While most financial planners keep fairly small books of clients, Parvesh has focused on being able to serve as many people as possible. “The challenge I had and continue to have is how to scale the business. How do you go from a regular advisory firm that might have a couple of hundred clients to having a couple of thousand and beyond?”

In order to scale, Parvesh knew he’d need the right technology stack. In financial services, there are important dates and deadlines, signatures that must be captured, disclosures to be sent, and more. Having to manage all those processes by hand would take a massive team without the right software.

“When I first started the business, I literally had a Microsoft Excel sheet. That was my CRM. But, as you grow and want to scale, you realize it lacks the functionality you really need.” So Parvesh started testing solutions to help automate as many of the time-consuming aspects of his business as possible. 

Finding the right tools to help scale a financial services business

Parvesh says he tried pretty much every CRM under the sun. “There was always something lacking, whether it was features or integration or pricing.” In order to use the integrations necessary to manage his business, many solutions required pricey upgraded licenses to gain access to the features he needed. That’s where ActiveCampaign came in.

“ActiveCampaign’s not the absolute cheapest in the marketplace, but that’s also a good thing. I was looking for the sweet spot that allows me to compete with the biggest players while being at a price point that works for my business. ActiveCampaign is the perfect solution for me.” 

One of the biggest challenges Parvesh experienced with other solutions was their ability (or lack thereof) to integrate with other tools. Capturing signatures is an integral part of any financial services business, and automating the process of sending forms and follow-up emails is essential. He tried lots of e-signature solutions, but most required either hiring a developer to manage API integrations or upgrading to expensive enterprise licenses.

Dropbox Sign, in combination with ActiveCampaign’s native integration, was the perfect solution. “I was looking for a native integration with my CRM without requiring a developer. With ActiveCampaign and Dropbox Sign, I was able to set up the integration pretty seamlessly and that was really exciting.” 

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Automation is the key to success

With the right tools in place, Parvesh has seen huge benefits. The time the Protect Your Wealth team spends on managerial tasks “has easily been reduced by 50 to 60 percent.” That gives his team more time to spend on providing the best service to as many clients as possible.

In addition to the time savings, Parvesh attributes much of his company’s overall growth to tools like ActiveCampaign Sales. Utilizing workflows within the CRM ensures Parvesh and his team keep up with prospects and customers every step of the way. Automating follow-up tasks, as well as key touchpoints that are integral to the success of a financial services business like Protect Your Wealth ensures a first-rate customer experience. “There’s nothing that’s lost anymore. That’s a huge part of it. We never have an anniversary that’s missed. We never have a touchpoint that’s missed. We never have a follow-up that slips through the cracks and I think that’s huge.”

Automation helps keep the Protect Your Wealth staff accountable and productive as well. “These workflow automations ensure we stay on top of our process and ensure we are providing the optimal level of service to our clients.” The impact is clear. Parvesh estimates these automations save the team up to 30-40% of the time they spend managing their sales pipelines.

Thanks to the excellent customer experience Protect Your Wealth has created, they’ve seen impressive growth. “Since we’ve used ActiveCampaign we’re up 35% year-over-year—which is a pretty large number after being in business for 15 years.”

While Protect Your Wealth is already leveraging the ActiveCampaign CRM, Parvesh admits he’s only scratched the surface. “Whether it’s sending an automated message at a certain time for a client in a certain time zone or following up if they don’t respond in a certain amount of time, there’s just so much there. There’s so much more room for us to grow with ActiveCampaign.”

Unlimited growth potential with ActiveCampaign

Although Protect Your Wealth already serves more clients than the average financial planner, Parvesh and his team aren’t slowing down. They currently serve around 2,000 clients, but Parvesh’s goals for the future are lofty. “I wouldn’t say that my goal is 2,500, it would be more like how do I get to 20,000? How does 20,000 become 100,000? I mean I just don’t see any limitation.”

Previously, the limitations were resources and man hours. Thanks to the technology Parvesh has in place, including ActiveCampaign and Dropbox Sign, the sky is the limit. “ActiveCampaign has been instrumental. It allows me to be effective in multiple areas, and I’m able to better scale and grow the business. I’m very excited about the future.”
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