How ActiveCampaign helped FoodChéri get the most out of its CRM

How ActiveCampaign helped FoodChéri get the most out of its CRM


More customer outreach by email


Leads reached through email

The Challenge

  • Needed to grow customer base and reactivate previous customers
  • Needed to reduce turnover
  • Wanted to increase brand visibility and reputation with companies

The Solution

  • Customer lifecycle improved with automations, better conversion from leads, and customer retention
  • Major adaptation of messaging, following up with prospects, collecting feedback
AC allows us to personalize communications and scenarios well. The platform is user-friendly and allows us to put CRM at the heart of every team’s preoccupation, not only the marketing team.

FoodChéri is a French start-up created in 2015 by Patrick Asdaghi to help Parisians eat better. The main idea of...

Company Size
1-100 employees
ActiveCampaign for Marketing

FoodChéri is a French start-up created in 2015 by Patrick Asdaghi to help Parisians eat better. The main idea of this “alter foodist” company is to deliver healthy, delicious meals for their customers that are good for the planet and all-around good for everybody. Based in Paris, it has expanded its offer to Lyon, Bordeaux and Lille and has even opened a subsidiary, Seazon, which offers a subscription-based delivery service providing fresh meals. In addition to home delivery of healthy, eco-conscience meals, FoodChéri has slowly made its way into company cafeterias.

The company started using ActiveCampaign in 2018 after realizing that MailChimp was no longer a good fit for the needs of its rapid expansion since it couldn’t help the company respond in a more personalized way to its growing number of customers. What made them even more determined to use ActiveCampaign was how comprehensive the tool is, particularly through its automation, scoring, and email campaign functions, and how easy it is for anyone in the company to use, on top of its affordable price.

In this article, we’re going to show you how FoodChéri used ActiveCampaign’s Customer Experience Automation (CXA) to develop its CRM and brand recognition.

“AC helped us make our communications and scenarios more personalized. The platform is easy to use and turns CRM into the central concern of all the teams, not just the marketing team. ” – Estelle Schuster, Head of Acquisition at FoodChéri.

Save time through automation

Before it started using ActiveCampaign, FoodChéri did not have a tool for performing automation tasks. Once the company joined the platform, they were able to get the most out of the real CRM mechanisms through, among other things, the onboarding teams that helped them find the easily applicable automation templates that made managing the scoring of their contacts much easier.

By using these automations, FoodChéri was able to enhance its customer pathway through the automation of many different user behavior scenarios, including reviving the connection with certain customers whose interaction with the brand had dropped off. The tool also contributed to converting prospects into customers, through the use of tags so they could know more about the status of their contact and if he or she was ready to take the plunge. In four years, the volume of Seazon customers who were contacted through email was increased by a factor of sixty-five effortlessly and through more precise segmentation of the base. Over the same period, the volume of Seazon prospects reached by this channel went up by a factor of fourteen, and ActiveCampaign integrated the funnel as a major lever for improving the conversion rate of these prospects into customers.

FoodChéri also uses the integration of ActiveCampaign through Zapier, which helps them save a tremendous amount of time and facilitate segmentation management, particularly for sending the leads generated through ads on social media networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to the ActiveCampaign tools in order to integrate them into the specific nurturing email chains.

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Seazon, the FoodChéri subsidiary that offers a subscription-based delivery service providing fresh meals

Getting the most out of CRM

Customer relations management at FoodChéri was almost exclusively handled by customer service with very little development through email before using ActiveCampaign. They were using a tool that could only send out newsletters without any segmentation features and with very limited personalization. Since they joined ActiveCampaign and started to take advantage of the CRM tool, they have experienced major improvement in their ability to adapt and target their messages and also to manage their opt-in contacts and collect feedback from customers with forms, for example, while still fully complying with user consent. The relationship that FoodChéri has with its customers has greatly improved, and it’s an improvement that both sides benefit from.

The various aspects of the CRM tool that the company uses the most are the distribution of newsletters, one-time special deals, automated messages to onboard new consumers who are joining them (which they also use to encourage conversions, customer reactivation, scoring, and referrals), and deliverability, which allows them to identify ways of improving their email deliverability.

“ActiveCampaign has really helped us set up real CRM mechanisms that each member of the company can use. ” – Estelle Schuster.

The FoodChéri and ActiveCampaign collaboration has a wonderful future ahead of it. In fact, the company has its sights set on major goals in new customer acquisition as well as building loyalty and reviving the connection with existing customers, which can all be achieved with the number 1 CRM tool.

If you want to learn more about the platform that FoodChéri uses every day to expand its brand recognition, try ActiveCampaign for free starting today.

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