Forever Liss increases Sales by 54.55% through ActiveCampaign automations

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Increase in sales from email marketing


Growth in email open rate


Months to complete migration from old solution with help of partner El Funileiro

The Challenge

  • Needed to empower their Marketing team with greater autonomy
  • Reduce manual tasks 
  • Get better value for money 
  • Reduce the amount of time spent creating new email campaigns
  • Improve engagement with their email marketing campaigns 
  • Integrate different tools with ease

The Solution

  • ActiveCampaign’s features, including automations, segmentations, and flows, can be utilized without the need for developers
  • Implement automations throughout the entire customer journey
  • ActiveCampaign Affordable Plan Offering
  • Implementation of highly customized automated emails using custom objects
  • Leverage automations, segmentations, and custom objects to enhance engagement across emails
  • A wide range of ActiveCampaign integrations, combined with the simplicity of setup and usage
“Sales linked to automated emails increased from 22% of total sales in our CRM to 34% thanks to ActiveCampaign” Vander Teodosio, Head of Ecommerce and Marketing

Forever Liss is a brand that specializes in professional hair products. It leads the online distribution of professional cosmetics. Serving...

Company Size
100-500 employees
ActiveCampaign Marketing + Sales

Forever Liss is a brand that specializes in professional hair products. It leads the online distribution of professional cosmetics. Serving customers across Brazil, the brand makes its products available through its online store, specialized brick-and-mortar outlets, and its network of distributors nationwide.

For its ecommerce operations, Forever Liss used the Oracle Responsys platform. One of the primary challenges they encountered was the team’s limited autonomy in executing straightforward tasks like configuring automations and segmentations. 

This was due to the fact that these efforts required the assistance of developers or external agencies, subsequently raising operational expenses. Thus, cost-efficiency posed another challenge for Forever Liss when dealing with the previous platform. 

A Successful Partnership: Forever Liss and ActiveCampaign

Vander Teodosio, Head of Ecommerce and Marketing at Forever Liss, decided to use ActiveCampaign based on a referral. His decision was primarily influenced by factors such as cost-effectiveness, integration opportunities, the simplicity of creating flows and automations, and, notably, the chance to provide the marketing analysts’ team with greater independence.

Forever Liss’ operation is complex and has millions of contacts in its database. So, the company relied on our partner El Funileiro to help them migrate to ActiveCampaign quickly and efficiently. 

Within just four months of switching to ActiveCampaign (including the migration period), the ecommerce division achieved several successes with ActiveCampaign. These achievements encompassed a swift migration, higher sales through automated emails, an elevated email marketing engagement rate, and the centralization of data through integrations. Take a closer look at each of these accomplishments and explore the future plans for this partnership below!

Quick migration to the ActiveCampaign platform

The migration process has already proven to be highly satisfactory for Forever Liss. Due to the project’s complexity and scope, the migration process could have taken six to eight months to complete. 

However, with the efforts of ActiveCampaign and the support of El Funileiro to carry out the migration, the process was completed in less than 4 months. This process included migrating all contacts, sales history, basic automations, flows, and over 7 categories of custom objects. The support from our partner played a crucial role in minimizing the learning curve when it came to using the platform. 

An essential factor contributing to the success of this operation is that Forever Liss’s team is considered “heavy users”, meaning they are actively engaged with the platform and make the most of its full potential. As stated by El Funileiro’s team, “Forever Liss being a heavy user significantly influenced the results and the success of the migration.”

It’s worth noting that during the migration period, they reevaluated their initial decision to use a shared IP and instead opted to reinstate a dedicated IP. This decision led them to undergo the process of warming up their leads, which involved email validation and ultimately contributed to the increased engagement, which we will delve into shortly. 

Just one month after completing the migration, their ecommerce email marketing revenue had already stabilized, matching the figures generated by the previous platform. As of now, the focus has shifted towards investment in growth and expansion.

Learn more about the migration process in ActiveCampaign.

Increased sales through automated emails

Following the full migration and data centralization in ActiveCampaign, the utilization of custom objects played a key role in building automation flows that incorporated contact behavior data and analytics. This capability enabled them to work with the highly personalized rules and segmentations specific to Forever Liss. 

By doing this, not only did they improve existing flows but they also introduced new automated email sequences. Regarding this initiative, Vander mentioned that “Sales through automated emails, which accounted for 22% of the sales CRM, increased to 34% with ActiveCampaign.” 

The Head of Ecommerce and Marketing also emphasized that this is a highly significant metric for the company, as it helps reduce costs and one-time email campaigns while generating additional revenue through automations. 

The user-friendly nature of ActiveCampaign’s platform has enabled Forever Liss to develop highly customized marketing automations, including criteria such as an individual’s hair type for remarketing purposes.

Vander explains, “ActiveCampaign is elevating our automation capabilities to the next level. The new lead qualification process has been highly effective. We’ve introduced repurchase and remarketing rules, and we’re continuously enhancing our abandoned cart automations.” 

Increase in email marketing engagement rate

Since migrating to ActiveCampaign, Forever Liss has experienced a 56% surge in email open rates. 

This is due to a number of factors such as:

  • Lead warm-up protocol in collaboration with El Funileiro
  • Email copywriting that emphasizes engagement and building relationships with contacts
  • Implementation of email address verification
  • The high email deliverability of ActiveCampaign
  • Forever Liss’s reputable status, including their BIMI certification, which is a Google verification badge allowing the addition of a brand logo to authenticated messages sent from their domain. 

Centralizing data through integrations

Currently, Forever Liss already has some integrations implemented, including VTEX, Facebook Lead Ads, Facebook Audience, and Easy Email Verification. 

On the previous platform, using the integrations also incurred additional costs. Furthermore, there were maintenance costs, and the processes were slow and manual.

Since transitioning to ActiveCampaign, Vander believes the operation has significantly improved in this regard. “We’ve transitioned from slow, manual processes to integrations that can be quickly set up and run smoothly.” 

Next steps

Even with just a few months of using the platform, we’ve already observed significant enhancements in Forever Liss’ operations since the implementation of ActiveCampaign.

Vander emphasizes that the company is ready to move forward in the partnership, with a focus on the following steps:

  • Integration with Blip for WhatsApp automation
  • Implementation of ActiveCampaign in all communication channels in order to optimize the multichannel strategy
  • Continuous improvement of processes already implemented
  • Leveraging Forever Liss’ online presence to drive in-store activations at partner locations and perfumery chains.

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