How Form Factory Increased Purchases 36% Using Marketing Automation

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The Challenge

  • Lead followup was manual, irregular and difficult to determine if a lead was called
  • Membership renewal process was not measurable
  • Deliverability rates were low, due to outdated lists and no segmentation

The Solution

  • Now have streamlined, automated outreach processes along the customer journey
  • Able to leverage behavior data from both online and in person environments to create omnichannel campaigns that convert
  • Establishing deliverability best practices has increased the ROI of email campaigns
“Every percentage in improving online sales, customer care or lead yields counts. We have an integrated ActiveCampaign platform in Form Factory with an interface to our information system.” - Jan Rezek, Form Factory Marketing Director

This is a contributed post from Performatio, a strategic ActiveCampaign Partner for the Czech and Slovak markets. Performatio is a...

Company Size
100-500 employees
ActiveCampaign for Marketing

This is a contributed post from Performatio, a strategic ActiveCampaign Partner for the Czech and Slovak markets. Performatio is a consulting company in Prague, focusing on digital transformation of sales and marketing. Their main focus is in data analysis, marketing automation, integrations, customer experience, and CRM. Read how Performatio helped the marketing team at Form Factory create omnichannel campaigns that personalize content and convert more leads with marketing automation. 

The challenge

The team at Form Factory knew they were leaving a lot of warm leads on the table. After Performatio completed a chatbot for them that would free up customer support and help with lead generation campaigns, Form Factory and Performatio teamed up for a much larger project.

When a visitor completed the “Contact Us” form on the Form Factory website, the follow-up process was simply a call from the front desk receptionist. Contacting customers whose memberships were about to end was in human hands, as well. Unfortunately, all these actions were performed irregularly and very difficult to measure.

If a lead picked up the phone, the receptionist would attempt to convince them to come into the fitness centre to try out a membership. But if the lead didn’t answer, they were quickly forgotten about as the front desk staff moved on with regular in-person business. 

The marketing team’s biggest challenge, however, was that the outreach process was not measurable. There was no reliable method to determine if a lead was called or not. The marketing team needed a better lead follow-up process so they could close more deals and get current members to renew.

Finding a solution with automation

Working with Performatio, the marketing team at Form Factory started looking for a way to automate the process of increasing lead conversion and, at the same time, increase the total lifetime value of the customer. 

1: Customer journey   

One of the first steps to streamlining and automating processes was mapping the customer journey and identifying the key touchpoints at which automated campaigns could be launched. 

2: Digital strategy

These key touchpoints in the journey mapping laid the groundwork for a digital strategy for when to communicate with customers and what content resonates with them. A list of requirements for a technical solution emerged, with the next step being to choose a tool that would meet the criteria.

3: Tool selection and implementation 

Performatio recommended ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation as the solution to these business challenges, leveraging customer behavior in both online and in-person environments to create omnichannel campaigns that convert.

While replacing Form Factory’s current emailing tool, Performatio consulted with the marketing team to provide deliverability best practices, such as cleaning their bounced emails from their database, and warming their lists as they transferred existing contacts to ActiveCampaign. Performatio further optimized their email campaigns by creating new email templates. 

4: Tool integration

Performatio integrated ActiveCampaign with Form Factory’s internal cash register and CRM eFitness system. “In cooperation with the website provider, we connected the forms via API with ActiveCampaign’s website tracking code. This enabled Form Factory to create targeted content based on customer behavior.”

“By integrating ActiveCampaign with Form Factory CRM, the possibilities are endless, and that’s what we wanted to try,” commented Štěpán Váňa, Senior Consultant at Performatio.  

After the end of this phase, Performatio started implementing email campaigns so that Form Factory could use the tool immediately and thus increase the return on investment for the client.

Integrating ActiveCampaign with eFitness CRM enables real-time data synchronization of both online customer behavior and visits to fitness centers. With this robust system in place, Performatio is now able to personalize and time the communication at individual touchpoints with maximum accuracy.

After completing this phase, Form Factory was able to personalize communications not only based on customer behaviour in the online environment but also based on their offline behaviour and visits to fitness centres.

Using the native integration of ActiveCampaign and Facebook, they not only use email as a communication channel but also Facebook ads, creating advertising audiences based on customers’ online and offline behavior.

The result

These strategies and actions implemented by Performatio and the Form Factory marketing team have resulted in several automated scenarios running simultaneously, including automated segmentation.

  • Abandoned cart automation
  • Welcome campaigns
  • Retention campaigns

Performatio has created a successful path forward for Form Factory by streamlining their customer data, tracking their behavior and engagement, and creating a better, more personalized customer experience using ActiveCampaign automations. 

Form Factory’s total purchases increased by 36% after implementing marketing automation.

Purchases directly from emails increased by 1,050%.

Thanks to retention emails, Form Factory activates over 20% of members so they extend their membership.

Štěpán added, “Thank you very much for the cooperation and trust shown to the entire Form Factory team!”  

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