Freedom Migration

Freedom Migration





The Challenge

  • Wanted to know where their leads were coming from and to track what was working and what was not
  • Mailchimp was too basic and could not meet the uniqueness of their business or reduce manual processes

The Solution

  • All leads that come in are routed into ActiveCampaign CRM where they are then automated to the right team members funnel 
  • Automations are used to remind team members to contact people or notify them when a lead is put into their funnel 
  • Google Sheets CX App gives the ability to create automated, customer reports in real-time without additional tools, technical knowledge, or hours of manual work.
ActiveCampaign has allowed us to tailor and personalize all our communications with our customers.

Who is Freedom Migration?  Freedom Migration is an immigration consultancy based Brisbane, Australia that specializes in partner visas. They believe...

Company Size
1-100 employees
ActiveCampaign Marketing + Sales

Who is Freedom Migration? 

Freedom Migration is an immigration consultancy based Brisbane, Australia that specializes in partner visas. They believe that moving or bringing a loved one to Australia should be a fun and exciting experience and not made stressful by worrying about if you’re eligible or having the right forms and documentation to meet immigration requirements.

What was the problem?

Freedom Migration runs a unique business where their customers are generally one time customers. Because of this, the team is always looking to generate business at a consistent pace. Before ActiveCampaign, Freedom Migration was using Mailchimp, but the problem was it was too basic and couldn’t meet the uniqueness of their business. They wanted to be able to know where their customers were coming from and track what was working and what wasn’t. 

The CXA Solution

To help Freedom Migration create a more tailored and personalized customer experience they turned to ActiveCampaign. Leads are currently coming in through email, phone calls, or by filling out the forms on the website. Within ActiveCampaign CRM, the Freedom Migration team has automations in place to send the lead to the correct funnel depending on what was filled out or what they are interested in. Depending where the customer is at in their process they could be placed in an automated email campaign or even booked into a meeting with one of the team members. Automations are also used to send reminders to team members on when they should follow up with a customer or when a new lead has been placed in their funnel. The use of CRM and Automations has given the Freedom Migration team the ability to give their customers a personal touch and a full view of their customer. 

Freedom Migration is also using the Google Sheets CX App to create custom reports with their ActiveCampaign data. Using the Google Sheets CX App, the team syncs their contact data from AC to a Google Sheet to then run in Google Data studio where they build customized reports. Team members are now able to see the data live and up to date, and are empowered to create their own individual reporting with ease. Before, this was a complicated process requiring technical knowledge using Zapier and Web Hooks.

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