Krajowe Centrum Edukacyjne Increased Conversions by 28%  with ActiveCampaign


contacts added to database monthly


revenue growth from marketing automation


increase in sales conversions


hours saved per week

The Challenge

  • Customer information scattered across platforms hindered organized operations.
  • Manual lead nurturing efforts failed to convert prospects effectively.
  • Limited scalability of existing systems hindered growth ambitions.

The Solution

  • Centralized marketing and CRM platform and ActiveCampaign integrations allow seamless data flow and enhanced communication. 
  • Automated nurture sequences tailored to prospect interests lead to increased revenue.
  • Platform scalability and flexibility allows for Center to replicate local success at scale in various language markets.
Even if you don't have a huge budget, you start small and it's still an all in one solution. It's not only email marketing but you have automation, the CRM, Sms Marketing, and more. On top of that, it's also easy to use.

In the wake of the global pandemic in early 2020, industries worldwide faced unprecedented challenges. It was during this period...

Company Size
1-100 employees
Online Training/Education
ActiveCampaign Marketing + Sales

In the wake of the global pandemic in early 2020, industries worldwide faced unprecedented challenges. It was during this period of uncertainty that Krajowe Centrum Edukacyjne, a Polish education company, was born. Founded by Rafal Rejzerewicz and his partners, Dominica and Pavo, the company embarked on a mission to modernize access to education in Poland and beyond. Krajowe Centrum Edukacyjne leveraged ActiveCampaign’s marketing and sales automation software to optimize and expand its business operations, significantly impacting the education market in Central Europe.

As businesses shuttered around them, the founders of Krajowe Centrum Edukacyjne recognized an opportunity to help people during difficult times. “Our company started at the beginning of 2020, just when COVID hit and all of the local businesses shut down. We saw a tremendous opportunity in the education market,” Rafal Rejzerewicz, co-founder, shared. With backgrounds in digital marketing, the team identified a gap in the education market: outdated websites and offers that were not aligned with modern consumer expectations.

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Embracing Digital Marketing

Krajowe Centrum Edukacyjne’s initial success was driven by organic traffic, thanks to the team’s proficiency in SEO and content creation. “Our first channel that started really working was organic traffic, and we started getting first customers because we were pretty skilled with SEO, and we just wrote a lot of content,” Rejzerewicz remarked. However, as the business grew, the need for a more organized and integrated approach to customer engagement and marketing became evident.

The search for a comprehensive marketing platform led Krajowe Centrum Edukacyjne to ActiveCampaign. “We had all our customer data either in WordPress or exported into spreadsheets and tried to organize it that way. But once the orders started rolling in, we quickly realized that we needed a better solution to keep everything organized.” ActiveCampaign’s capabilities allowed the company to streamline its operations, eliminating the need for separate tools for CRM and email marketing. “What really made the difference with ActiveCampaign is not only the great automations, but it also has the CRM. We don’t need to have separate tools for the CRM and for email marketing,” Rejzerewicz explained. With connections to the Center’s LMS and Woocommerce, customer data can flow freely between all critical systems to minimize tedious data entry and enable automations to manage the Center’s growing customer base. 

As ActiveCampaign became the main hub for customer information, it enabled the team to execute a refined organic SEO content strategy effectively. “With ActiveCampaign we’re better able to communicate with our customers in a strategic and meaningful way. We’re increasing the lifetime value of our customers and building a brand so that it’s not just a single transaction.” 

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Leveraging Automation to Increase Sales

The implementation of ActiveCampaign also played a pivotal role in managing the Center’s sales processes. Once a prospect fills out a form in one of the Center’s Google ads, their information is seamlessly captured in the CRM, including tags specific to the topics or courses that originally sparked their interest. Then, a series of well-crafted nurture emails educate potential customers about the center’s courses. Rafal shares that about 15% of the company’s overall revenue comes from these nurture streams, underscoring the importance of specific, targeted communication in converting prospects into customers.

ActiveCampaign forms have also helped the Center manage its B2B sales efforts. Oftentimes, large companies need to upskill their entire workforce, and using the Center’s government-sanctioned courses for trades like personal training and cosmetology allows them to train their employees with ease. These companies submit inquiries on the Center’s website, and these inquiries trigger notifications to the Center’s sales team, allowing reps to promptly follow up with prospective customers to answer questions and guide the sales process.

A Partner for Long-Term Growth

The platform’s scalability supported Krajowe Centrum Edukacyjne’s growth ambitions. “With ActiveCampaign, you can just grow together so that the more users we have, then we can just jump into the next tier. It was great because with ActiveCampaign, we know the platform will be able to scale with us,” Rejzerewicz noted.

In addition to the domestic Polish market, Krajowe Centrum Edukacyjne is expanding internationally. With ActiveCampaign’s multilingual support and scalability, the company aims to replicate its success in diverse regions. Rejzerewicz affirms, “We now want to export the same model basically that we are using in Poland to other countries… And we will be using ActiveCampaign for that as well.”

The Impact of Automation

Automation through ActiveCampaign has been key to Krajowe Centrum Edukacyjne’s growth. The platform has not only facilitated operational efficiency but also catalyzed revenue generation. Rejzerewicz shares some of the company’s growth metrics:

  • 1000 new contacts into database per month
  • 15% revenue growth from nurture email series
  • 28% increase in conversion rates
  • 30+ hours a week saved through automation

As Krajowe Centrum Edukacyjne continues to evolve, its partnership with ActiveCampaign remains integral to its success. With a steadfast focus on delivering quality education and leveraging technology to drive positive change, this company exemplifies the intersection of innovation and impact in the education sector. In the words of Rejzerewicz, “You can start small. Even if you don’t have a huge budget, you can already start using it.” Through the power of automation, Krajowe Centrum Edukacyjne is poised to shape the future of education, one student at a time.
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