How L.G.R World Increased Revenue by 143% Using ActiveCampaign and CXA







The Challenge

  • A lack of 360-degree user interaction based on actions taken on eCommerce and in brand stores
  • No segmentation, mainly based on gender, interests, geographic origin, and position/phase in the customer journey
  • The need to create custom Facebook audiences automatically and on an ongoing basis
  • The need to enhance sales performance through a tool capable of nurturing the relationship with customers in a consistent and customized manner, through highly relevant One To One communications

The Solution

  • Dynamic segmentation has been helpful in learning about lists and making the best use of them through data collected across touchpoints
  • Conditional content and webhooks allowed for customization of email content while maximizing setup time
  • Through the integration with Facebook, it was possible to synchronize the audiences by setting up automated processes capable of segmentation based on needs
  • Integrations with eCommerce and point of sale have significantly improved the quality and quantity of the database and, accordingly, optimized sales performance
With our omnichannel digital strategy to improve the user experience implemented on ActiveCampaign by Secret Key, we increased eCommerce revenue by 143%

This is a contributed post from Secret Key Digital Agency, an ActiveCampaign partner. L.G.R World is a company that designs and manufactures...

Company Size
1-100 employees
ActiveCampaign for Marketing

This is a contributed post from Secret Key Digital Agency, an ActiveCampaign partner.

L.G.R World is a company that designs and manufactures premium eyewear, applying artisanal techniques to the finest materials. The brand is known all over the world, as testified by the many international celebrities who wear L.G.R glasses, which have become synonymous with 100% made-in Italy style and quality.

L.G.R has appointed Secret Key, Digital Agency, specializing in Performance Marketing in Lead Generation, eCommerce, and Retail, to develop an omnichannel digital strategy to enhance brand visibility and influence, boost sales from eCommerce and physical stores, and increase the customer base, Loyalty and Customer Life Time Value.

Secret Key has selected ActiveCampaign as its Email Marketing and Customer Experience Automation platform to help L.G.R connect and interact with its customers in a profitable way. ActiveCampaign enables them to take email marketing to a whole other level, through effective automation orchestration, segmentation, and content personalization. These components each work together to create tailored experiences that will meaningfully engage customers at every stage of their lifecycle.

The work carried out for L.G.R starts with an extensive study of the company, its products, its sector, and its main competitors. Using this analysis phase, Secret Key was able to construct an email marketing automation strategy capable of interacting with all the touchpoints of the consultation and purchasing process on eCommerce and in the various points of sale.


After identifying the touchpoints through which users can sign up and interact, the focus then turned to possible segmentations. 

Based on the products present on the site, L.G.R has identified 4 variables in relation to which communication must be differentiated:

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A one-to-one approach, therefore, requires the profiling of users, making it possible to send personalized messages, tailored to the individual recipient. This will ensure that users are reached by communications that align with their interests and based on the actions they take on the site and/or in stores.


With a clear definition of the touchpoints, the segmentation logic, the linking of Woocommerce with ActiveCampaign thanks to deep integration, and the definition of the census methods inside the stores, Secret Key now has all the elements to define the automation strategy.

00 IMG

As advanced and intuitive a tool as ActiveCampaign is, it needs a strategy that is developed taking into account all the variables that affect its possible results. Secret Key believes that this is the only way to make the best use of the features that the tool makes available, constructing an essential asset for the brands that use it.


The following graphic illustrates, in a simple way, how the funnels have been designed to collaborate with each other through an established hierarchical order; from this, you can see that a user can never be in 2 funnels at the same time. Using ActiveCampaign’s dynamic operators, it’s easy to define controls that manage input and output in the various flows based on the users’ master data.


After defining the funnel, the content, and the frequency with which to send the emails, Secret Key focused on the graphic design of the template:


Using conditional content, it was able to personalize messages based on: gender, products of interest and where the contact came from. This allowed for increased message relevance, better quality relationship with contacts, higher open rates, and improved conversion rates and, in some cases, even email deliverability.

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ActiveCampaign has also proven to be an indispensable tool, thanks to the ability to create custom audiences on Facebook. By automating this step, users can be reached with consistent messages at various points in their omnichannel experience while improving the perception of L.G.R.

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This initiative started in June 2020, has brought encouraging results already in the first months of life, leading L.G.R to invest heavily in lead generation and mail marketing, developing an essential asset over time.

As of today, the L.G.R database combined with the use of ActiveCampaign allows the generation of over 25% of eCommerce revenue, acting on behavioral strategies for One Time Buyers and Recurring Clients.

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