Transformation through Automation with MentorShow




Increase in open rates since 2021


Increase in click through rate since 2021

The Challenge

  • Difficulty managing large volumes of leads with a small team
  • Disconnected systems required manual work to update dates for webinars and manage membership renewals
  • Lack of personalization led to generic messaging in nurture streams

The Solution

  • Powerful automations enable team to manage 21,000+ contacts in a single automation while remaining lean
  • Robust integration options created a seamless environment between all systems, streamlining flows and removing manual work
  • Segmentation and personalization allows for individualized messaging to keep audiences engaged at every step of the buyer journey
“I’ve been with MentorShow from the beginning so I’ve seen it all. We’re always looking to have the best tools on the market, and with ActiveCampaign there’s nothing better.” - Thibault Cavrois, SEO Manager

Imagine a virtual space where you can learn from the best, dive deep into your passions, and embark on a...

Company Size
1-100 employees
Online Training/Education
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Imagine a virtual space where you can learn from the best, dive deep into your passions, and embark on a transformative journey of self-improvement – welcome to MentorShow. This online education hub brings the wisdom of industry experts right to your screen, primarily focusing on wellness and personal development. MentorShow isn’t just about selling courses; they’re about sparking change and empowering individuals with knowledge and skills.

MentorShow’s dedication to touching lives is impressive. Like any growing business, however, they’ve faced challenges managing the large influx of leads that accompanied its growth and automating its processes to offer the best user experience. That’s when ActiveCampaign came into the picture. Using ActiveCampaign’s sophisticated-yet-intuitive automation capabilities, this partnership turbocharged MentorShow’s operations and helped them connect with their audience like never before through consistent communication and personalization. 

The Challenge

Thibault Cavrois, SEO Manager at MentorShow, shared with me how important automation has been to their business. Handling a mountain of leads (400,000+ to be exact) and juggling around 21,000 people in a single automation, MentorShow was in search of a knight in digital armor. They needed a tool that could efficiently manage these numbers, ensuring a smooth conversion process. Importantly, this tool had to align with MentorShow’s mission of providing a transformative user experience. ActiveCampaign has enabled MentorShow to automate crucial processes in their customer journey, from webinars to membership renewals.

Growing While Remaining Lean

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Thibault shared that the MentorShow team operates very lean. They have no active salespeople, so it is entirely dependent on ads and organic website traffic for their business growth. As a result, consistent and relevant communication with prospects and customers at all stages of the buyer journey is crucial.

MentorShow’s ads direct interested prospects to topic-specific webinars that introduce them to the top-tier learning content they can expect to find on once they become members. After attending the webinar, you enjoy a 50% discount to explore all of MentorShow’s content. People renew the next year at a normal annual rate or can cancel at any time and lose access at the end of the year. Because of this process, follow-up is essential. 

At the top of the funnel, ActiveCampaign reminds prospects of the webinar they signed up for at various intervals, right up to when the webinar begins. Reminding people is one of the most important keys to getting them to attend, as many prospects sign up for webinars and forget about them. 

Another important phase of communication is when memberships come up for renewal. At this phase, Thibault emphasized the importance of integration. He shared that, “ActiveCampaign’s integration capabilities were key to MentorShow’s strategy.” It integrated seamlessly with tools like Postmark for transactional emails, which MentorShow then connected to their payment processor, Stripe. This streamlined the whole process, helping the team send automated payment reminders, significantly contributing to their revenue stream. All of this while operating with an extremely lean team. 

The Impact of Effective Automation

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With ActiveCampaign, MentorShow saw automation in action. The platform’s powerful tools handled webinar reminders and membership renewals automatically, playing a huge part in their conversion rates. Thibault summed up the impact of this automation, saying, “The only thing we have to do is go into Webinar Jam changing the day, and then in ActiveCampaign we don’t even enter an email, everything is automated for us.” Doing all of this manually would cost Thibault hours each week. 

Automation has simplified operations, enabling MentorShow to manage a large volume of leads and webinar attendees effectively. Thibault mentioned how they regularly handle “2500 people in a single webinar.” The result? A smooth-sailing process with minimal manual input.

But the most exciting part was MentorShow’s revenue boost. Although the specific values remain confidential, Thibault mentioned a significant percentage increase due to these automations, demonstrating ActiveCampaign’s tangible value to their business.

A few other impressive key metrics MentorShow has seen since implementing ActiveCampaign:

  • Deliverability rate: 99.88% 
  • Open rate: 43.7% (which has doubled since 2021)
  • Click rate: 5.56% (up from 1.18% in 2021)
  • Unsubscribe rate: 0.49% (down from 0.94 in 2021)

Thibault attributes this success to consistent communication and personalization through segmentation. Seamless integration between ActiveCampaign’s CRM, Stripe, Postmark, and the rest of MentorShow’s tech stack has created a well-oiled, easy-to-manage (even with a small team) machine. 

Going Beyond Business

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The ActiveCampaign-MentorShow collaboration isn’t just about increasing numbers or automating processes; it’s about staying true to MentorShow’s mission. The platform’s efficiency and ease of use have helped MentorShow provide a seamless learning experience for its users, impacting thousands of lives positively.

For Thibault, being part of MentorShow is about more than just a job. When asked what kept him at MentorShow, he said, “We also want to have a positive impact on people. We see people gaining confidence doing things they’ve always dreamed of doing. That’s something important for us.”

Wrapping Up

Through its journey with ActiveCampaign, MentorShow has seen the power of automation in action. The result? A thriving business

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