Monday Loves You Helps Purpose Count for More

Monday Loves You Helps Purpose Count for More



The Challenge

  • Lack of insight into customer behavior inhibited the ability to create intuitive campaigns
  • Incohesive automations in a previous email marketing solution
  • Previous solutions required a full-time resource to manage

The Solution

  • Accessibility and adaptability make it easy for organizations to build the functionality they need when they need it
  • Tagging based on content engagement enables the team to serve more relevant outbound content
  • Tagging also helps convert one-time donors into recurring donors and users into advocates
As a long-term customer with ActiveCampaign I have worked with so many great people, all of who genuinely want the best for my company. It is clear that ActiveCampaign’s great customer support stems from the employees talent and retention

This digital services company makes every day count by helping good organizations to do good things—and there's no better tool...

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This digital services company makes every day count by helping good organizations to do good things—and there’s no better tool for maximizing the impact of those things than ActiveCampaign.

Monday Loves You operates on the core belief that “empowering good organizations to do good things is the best way to make the world a better place.” It’s a philosophy for making the most of every day—especially Mondays—and it takes inspiration from one of the most important individuals in founder Kevin LaManna’s life. 

“My mom is this strong, assertive woman, and on Monday, she would come into my room and say, ‘Monday loves you and so do I—but get your ass out of bed!'” Kevin remembers fondly. A member of the LGBTQ+ community, he grew up in small-town Ohio at a time when it felt difficult to be yourself or explore your identity. His mother’s catchphrase helped provide the motivation he needed to overcome such feelings, and it was a phrase that came back to Kevin when the time came to name the digital marketing platform he’d developed to support non-profits. 

“We’d been having trouble finding a name that didn’t have trademark issues,” says Kevin. “Then I thought, why not make it a homage to the type of powerful people I’ve had in my life.”

It was the example of people who make a difference that inspired Kevin to take his career in a new direction. Despite several happy years working at GE, Merrill Lynch, and the agency Isobar, he felt a yearning for work with a more immediate, positive impact.

“I was starting to feel frustrated by how long it would take for ideas to be heard and come to fruition,” he says. “And in my late 20s, I decided I wanted to try and do my own thing. I had studied piano and computer science, so I had this urge to explore the intersection between music and technology. I started by attending conferences, doing old-school, in-person marketing, drinking glasses of wine with people, and having conversations.”

From music to making a difference through technology

Those conversations revealed opportunities to support the music community with digital solutions. However, they also revealed a broader opportunity to make every Monday count by developing bespoke digital marketing support for non-profit organizations. It gave a new focus to Kevin’s platform that continues to this day.

“Non-profits account for around 60% of our clients but only around 20% of our revenue,” explains Kevin. “We work with a mix of companies, including several in the Fortune 100—and we’re able to use our for-profit work to support our non-profit work.”

As the business quickly grew, Kevin started to explore technology to help him understand his diverse customer base. That brought him to ActiveCampaign—and a sudden realization that he’d found the ideal platform for assisting non-profits in scaling their operations.

“Our goal is to make a monumental difference in these organizations,” says Kevin. “We’re not here just to do technology development. We’re also here to solve bigger problems. ActiveCampaign gives us the tools to do that.”

A platform for solving problems

The solutions to those bigger problems have proved transformative for Monday Loves You’s clients. “Our account manager at ActiveCampaign is one of my favorite people ever,” says Kevin. “Her approach was to identify business problems and explain what you could do through ActiveCampaign to solve them. That meant we could see the platform’s capabilities early on.

“One of our early success stories was an organization called Juno4Me, now evolved into, which helps individuals who have a hard time accessing free birth control. ActiveCampaign provided a way to connect people who need healthcare to potential providers and scale the service extremely quickly. It’s a huge success story: solving something that is helping the community.”

Multiplying the impact of non-profits through ActiveCampaign has also involved returning to Kevin’s musical roots. “MIDI is a music platform that uses technology to help people around the world create music and art,” he says of another non-profit client.

“We were able to take them from the very beginning of their journey to a community of over 42,500 using ActiveCampaign. We tag people based on the content they engage with and use that to serve more relevant outbound content. We can do similar tagging to help convert one-time donors into recurring donors and users into advocates. The Zapier integration with ActiveCampaign means we can pull key information from people’s registration when they sign up and use it to help us communicate with different groups. It’s driven amazing growth.”

The functionality that you need, when you need it

It’s not just the impact of ActiveCampaign automations that have made the platform a crucial element of Monday Loves You’s work. It’s also the accessibility and adaptability: the ease with which organizations can build the functionality they need when they need it.

“Often, when we start talking to a client, they’ll ask if they should be using one of the more legacy CRMs,” says Kevin. “My answer’s always the same: they’ll need a full-time system administrator and a supporting team to help them get value out of those platforms. That doesn’t work for most organizations. On the other hand, ActiveCampaign has the perfect product for most businesses where they can get up and running quickly. As soon as our clients see it, they want it because it’s so visual and easy. There’s fantastic tech support and a great community.”

After helping so many clients to scale their impact through ActiveCampaign, the next goal for Kevin is to dive in and better use the platform to take his own business to the next level.

“So far, we’ve helped a lot of organizations to fulfill their mission, but my next ambition is for our company to move the needle on a national and global level,” says Kevin. “I know ActiveCampaign can give me the tools I need to start scaling what we do.”

Ultimately, that will mean more organizations with a purpose finding an easy and immediate way to scale their impact.

“I’m constantly talking about ActiveCampaign because I really do believe in what the platform does,” says Kevin. “It’s a product that’s accessible, at a reasonable price point, and with functionality that works. You can’t get better than that.”

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