How Optimale achieves 6:1 ROI with ActiveCampaign

Optimale provides men in the UK with medical services and advice to treat the symptoms of low testosterone.







The Challenge

  • A high abandoned cart rate meant they were missing a lot of opportunities 
  • Without proper nurturing, they weren’t seeing the full benefits of their ad campaigns
  • Needed an automation solution that was user friendly, easily integrated with their tech stack but was very powerful

The Solution

  • Integrating with Salesforce provides visibility to custom fields and other key data critical to creating relevant  communications 
  • Have better visibility into marketing activities influence on revenue
  • Now seeing a higher engagement and inboxing rate with email campaigns, have a 5x return on ad spend, and are seeing a higher patient satisfaction rate, which is the metric they value the most
“ActiveCampaign has the best balance of usability, and most importantly, has a lot of integrations. The automations are more powerful than anything else that I've found elsewhere.”

Optimale, a men's health clinic, used ActiveCampaign's Salesforce integration and powerful automations to turn initial interest into life-changing customer experiences—and...

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ActiveCampaign for Marketing

Optimale, a men’s health clinic, used ActiveCampaign’s Salesforce integration and powerful automations to turn initial interest into life-changing customer experiences—and deliver a 6x return on investment.

Male health issues are sensitive subjects that are deeply personal, difficult to talk about, and easy to push aside. However, the right conversation through the right channels can make all the difference. That’s why the men’s health clinic Optimale turned to ActiveCampaign to transform their digital marketing into a nurturing, informed customer experience that delivers better outcomes.

When brothers David and Alastair Kennett founded Optimale in 2017, they did so based on personal experience. They struggled with troubling symptoms such as low energy, disappearing motivation, irritability, and a lack of libido. These blighted their careers, relationships, and lives. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) transformed their health and well-being almost overnight. They knew that many other men in the UK would benefit from similar treatment. They also knew that the therapy was difficult to access through the UK’s National Health Service (NHS)—and that many people were suffering in silence as a result.

Turning questions on male health into nurturing conversations

The brothers launched Optimale to fill the gap, offering remote blood tests that people can take in the privacy of their homes. Additionally, they offered a combination of virtual and in-person consultations to guide patients through their options. From the start, the brothers knew search and social media marketing would have a critical role in building awareness of the clinic. Show there were answers to the questions that men were asking online was a key concern. However, turning initial interest into a potentially life-changing conversation proved challenging.

“We have various landing pages and forms on our website, which a lot of our advertising and marketing drives people to,” says David. “But people were landing on our website, dropping off, and we weren’t hearing from them again. We had a newsletter list that we weren’t doing much with, but we always got a big response from the occasional email blast. We recognized  the huge opportunity that brought: we could have a proper nurturing funnel and better optimize the contacts we got through our advertising and organic channels.”

That realization kickstarted Optimale’s search for a marketing automation platform to help join the dots of its digital customer experience. ActiveCampaign stood out as the obvious solution. “I wanted something user-friendly, but powerful,” explains David. “I looked at pretty much all the tools in the marketplace, and ActiveCampaign had the best balance. The power of the automations and the ease of integration with Salesforce and our other business systems were big selling points.”

Building on a foundation of secure, compliant data

GDPR compliance and the sensitivity of patient-clinic relationships made the Salesforce integration particularly important. It was vital for Optimale to ensure current, former, and prospective patients were treated appropriately, and that patient records were accurately synced to ensure communications opt-outs were respected. “The Salesforce integration just works,,” says David. “Since I’ve set it up, I haven’t had to do anything. That’s really what you want from an integration—zero admin.”

With a secure foundation of data integrity, David and Optimale’s marketing team could turn their attention to moving the digital customer experience forward.

“We ask people very specific questions. Their answers give strong signals as to whether they’re likely to be eligible for treatment,” says David. “We can direct them down a specific path using automation to send them really good, relevant content. We can also establish whether they are a potential patient more quickly and effectively.”

The right message on the right platform multiplies ROI

The ability to tailor content to specific answers becomes more powerful when that content can reach patients through a range of different touchpoints. “Nowadays, it’s about providing patients with access to information through their preferred channel,” says David. “Using ActiveCampaign means we can offer broader options for communicating with us, not just through email but web, phone, and SMS.”

For clinic patients, rich, relevant, and trustworthy experiences can be life-changing. For Optimale itself, it’s transformative in a different way. The segmentation and personalization made possible by ActiveCampaign turned potential into revenue at an impressive speed. “Our return on investment for ActiveCampaign is about 600%,” says David. “Most of the advertising and marketing that we run encourages people to give us more information and fill out forms on our website. Those are not purchased events in themselves—it’s the follow-up emails and SMS that turn visitors into customers.”

Those ActiveCampaign touchpoints don’t just drive revenue, though. Once a patient has booked a test and moves on to consultations and follow-ups, ActiveCampaign plays a massive role in moving the metric that David cares most about: patient satisfaction. “It’s the number one thing that we’re always striving towards. The service we provide is very personal and it’s essential to make sure patients are happy with what they’re paying for,” he says. “The more we’re speaking to them, the more engaged they are and the happier they are likely to be with the service we’re offering them. We recently did a patient satisfaction survey, and the average score was 4.6 out of 5. You can’t ask for much better than that.”

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