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The Challenge

  • Needed to deliver email marketing campaigns in an agile way
  • Lacked a unified management of business relationships, opportunities and tasks 
  • Needed actionable data for strategic business decisions 
  • Required automation of manual processes that the business team carried out with administration.

The Solution

  • Constructing campaigns with conditional content adjusted to the necessities of each contact
  • Implemented 3 different pipelines for the business follow-up and a data model adjusted to the necessities of Peoplematters
  • Generating reports on the tasks carried out by the members of the business team
  • Creating automations to notify administration each time that an opportunity is believed to be won
"ActiveCampaign automations have helped us improve our sales processes, better align sales and marketing teams, and streamline our administrative procedures. We've also increased our email engagement rate by 20% leveraging an improved data model to create personalized campaigns, all thanks to Efor and ActiveCampaign."

This is a contributed post from Efor, an ActiveCampaign partner. Peoplematters is a firm specializing in human capital consultancy. Their...

Company Size
1-100 employees
ActiveCampaign for Marketing

This is a contributed post from Efor, an ActiveCampaign partner.

Peoplematters is a firm specializing in human capital consultancy. Their philosophy is based on the belief that people are the force that creates, guides, leads, and makes any imaginable deal possible. “There’s no future without a mutual value created by businesses and people.”

Before using ActiveCampaign, Peoplematters was sending individual, personalized messages through email and client data were only gathered in its ERP. This resulted in information distributed across independent data “silos” that did not offer a clear and global vision of the contact’s journey. 

Seeking to optimize its marketing and business process, Peoplematters began searching for a solution that allowed access to contact information that would enable them to make better business decisions. They needed easier access to contact data, improved productivity, and follow-up email marketing workflows that increased sales leads.

  • They wanted to deliver email marketing campaigns in an agile way
  • They didn’t have a unified management of business relationships, opportunities, and tasks of the business team.
  • They needed access to actionable data to make strategic business decisions. 
  • Automation of manual processes was a top priority.   

The Solution

Peoplematters trusted ActiveCampaign as the solution for their marketing and business requirements, implementing through Efor, who specializes in software solutions, marketing online, website design, systems and website hosting.

To ensure a successful collaboration, Peoplematters worked with Efor in validating the importance of the data of each of these tables:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Deals

With Efors guidance, Peoplematters implemented an effective data model and adapted it to the existing fields Peoplematters had in its ERP. The data for each table was from a different source, and a solid data model that gathered the historic actions of the company’s clients was constructed. 

The next challenge that Efor solved for Peoplematters was to improve the delivery process of weekly email campaigns to ensure they were sending to the most active contacts. As a result, open rates and clicks improved by 20%, and unsubscribes were reduced as well. With improved visibility into the customer journey, Peoplematters was able to gain a better understanding of customer behavior. 

Finally, the unit CRM was created with two different pipelines:

  • Business process for the qualification of leads.
  • Business process of project start-ups.

Seeing Results

Once this business environment was designed, the automations were defined to improve productivity and the communicative processes between the business and the administrative parts. 

For example, when a business consultant assumes an opportunity was won, this leads to an automation in order to notify the administration team with the necessary information.

The use of one unified environment that combines general marketing actions and specific business actions, has provided Peoplematters with a global vision of their client experience with the firm.

If you would like to explore how Efor can help you see the full potential of ActiveCampaign, visit their website for more information. 

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