How UK Based Power Bespoke Increased Referral Sales by 30%

Perry Power, CEO and Founder of Power Bespoke







The Challenge

  • Needed software that would allow the Power Bespoke team to connect consistently and personally with every customer, in their timezone, and at their pace
  • Enable growth, customization, and scalability in a simplified tech stack so they could continue to pursue their goals
  • Curate customer information and referrals without bombarding contacts with lots of forms

The Solution

  • ActiveCampaign automations and wait conditions allowed Power Bespoke to create a personalized experience for each customer
  • Utilize seamless integrates with Salesforce, Calendly, Clicksend, and more
  • Develop a high-touch customer journey with agent support available throughout
"I have really high standards and it’s nice to know that I can put those high standards in ActiveCampaign." - Perry Power, Founder

Navigating the estate management industry in the United Kingdom can be challenging. As an unlicensed industry, over half of UK...

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Navigating the estate management industry in the United Kingdom can be challenging. As an unlicensed industry, over half of UK residents don’t trust their real estate agents or the selling process related to settling private estates. Perry Power, founder and CEO of Power Bespoke, saw this first hand at just 12 years old when his mother had a really poor experience with an estate agency. 

Witnessing the impact that this experience had on her, Perry knew that he wanted to change the way UK residents buy, sell, and lease property for the better. It became his childhood dream to found a business that would not only bring structure and ease to buying and selling real estate but that would also help people smoothly transition into the next chapter of their lives. In 2014, he founded Power Bespoke.  

Power Bespoke quickly became a top 10% UK estate agency (and more recently, officially the best in the County), focused on helping people move to the next chapter of their life with the full transparency, expertise, and guidance they need throughout the journey. With that quick growth came the inherent collection of disparate software tools that didn’t connect well with each other and created an inconsistent customer journey. 

The Power Bespoke team was inundated with disorganized tech flows–ultimately impacting their goal to develop personalized and reliable customer communications. This technology disconnect was felt throughout the company and affected their client relationships. “I had an office assistant literally exporting CSVs from one platform and uploading them to another,” Perry commented. These cluttered processes were hurting business. 

Perry needed a solution that would:

  • Allow the Power Bespoke team to connect consistently and personally with every customer, in their timezone, and at their pace.
  • Enable growth, customization, and scalability in a simplified tech stack so they could continue to pursue their goals. 
  • Curate customer information and referrals without bombarding contacts with lots of forms.

“I came across ActiveCampaign when I moved Power Bespoke to Salesforce in 2019,” said Perry. “A big reason for choosing ActiveCampaign was actually Salesforce because I know they integrate really well.” So Power Bespoke turned to ActiveCampaign to consolidate their tech stack and keep their customer experience automations in one comprehensive solution.

“I have really high standards,” said Perry Power, “and it’s nice to know that I can put those high standards in ActiveCampaign.”

Power Bespoke quickly found great value in the seamless integration between ActiveCampaign and Salesforce–deeply connecting the two platforms to create a self-sufficient customer experience automation. 

“I knew how good ActiveCampaign was because of your customer experience automation and easy integration with Salesforce,” said Perry Power. “We’ve integrated quite deeply, to be honest, and it’s really quite amazing.” 

With the integration with Salesforce, Power Bespoke has been able to effectively nurture new leads and existing contacts to convert them into long-term customers. When a known page visitor clicks on a property they may be interested in, that behavior is synced with their record in Salesforce. Power Bespoke is able to automate email follow-up to their Salesforce leads and contacts Salesforce and ActiveCampaign have synced, and send property-interested visitors into a three-month nurture automation. This nurture creates open communication between Power Bespoke estate agents and potential clients. Establishing this relationship early has led to an increased booking and advice calls.   

Organic, Profitable Growth with Personalized Email Automations

As an estate agency, Power Bespoke’s new client acquisition relies heavily on recommendations and referrals from former customers. But Perry knows that sending out lots of forms and recommendation requests can become a monotonous and impersonal process that is oftentimes ignored by most contacts. To avoid that sort of negative customer experience, Perry utilizes ActiveCampaign to stay timely with customers and add a personal touch to their communication. Here’s how:

  • Knowing the stress and time that it takes to comfortably move into a new home, Power Bespoke waits until two weeks after a client’s move-in date to send a follow-up email. 
  • This allows customers to get settled in, enjoy their new property, and reflect on their great experience with Power Bespoke before receiving emails. 
  • After they’ve made the easeful transition into the next chapter of their lives, they receive a text and a follow-up email inquiring about any referrals who may be getting ready to go to market with a new property. 

With this automation, customers can not only reply with a friend referral who is preparing to sell their house, but it also creates the brand-level experience and consistency that Power Bespoke embodies. “Before ActiveCampaign, these follow-ups probably got done by humans 20% of the time, if I was lucky,” says Perry. “But now, I know it gets done every time, on time, without fail. And that’s the kind of stuff that grows the business.”

Real Estate 1 Year Follow Up ActiveCampaign Marketplace
Use this Real Estate Automation Recipe to jump start your follow-up campaign

Power Bespoke continues to see the value and power of ActiveCampaign’s automated follow-ups. The consistency with which they have delivered referral requests and follow-ups have led to a 30% increase in recommendations from clients–growth that can be attributed to the personalized experience they continue to offer customers through ActiveCampaign.

One thing Perry loves about ActiveCampaign is that they continually build upon the automations, recipes, and tools that he uses to continually create a better experience for his clients. ActiveCampaign also provides tips and best practices via its newsletters and blog where Perry can constantly check for inspiration. 

Just by using ActiveCampaign, Power Bespoke had already seen a 10% increase in email deliverability over their previous provider. After activating DKIM, Perry saw an additional 15% increase in deliverability. This small but powerful change helped reinforce their brand, build a strong email-sender reputation, and enforce stricter security on their domain. Additionally, across 10,000+ contacts, the team saw a 7% increase in the click rate of email communications.

Utilizing High-Intent Personalized Tags to Create a Personalized Experience

But staying in touch with their clients post-sale isn’t the only way that Power Bespoke is able to reach contacts at all touch-points. With high-intent tags, they can track visitor movements on their website – allowing them to send personalized SMS messages with ClickSend tailored to each visitor’s unique interests and website activity.

  • When page visitors go to the Contact Us page or click on a certain website link, they are immediately entered into the high-intent tag. 
  • This tag sets forth an automation in which contacts receive a follow-up text 24 hours after the initial page visit letting them know that a member of the Power Bespoke team is there to answer any questions.
  • ​​By adding a 24-hour wait condition, Power Bespoke fosters more organic communication between prospective clients, avoiding the pressured and abrupt contact that is typically encountered.

Understanding that property owners may feel inspired to begin their selling journey at all hours of the day, Power Bespoke employs ActiveCampaign Wait Conditions to ensure that they send text messages when it is convenient and appropriate for their contacts. This added attention to customer detail and routine ultimately helps Power Bespoke develop those deeper, more personalized relationships with each of their contacts. 

Prior to ActiveCampaign, these good, consistent conversations relied solely on the agents–and keeping up with all of their clients mainly became very tedious and time insensitive. Perry knew that his team needed a way to automate this process so that his clients could receive the personalized help and conversations they deserved. They’ve seamlessly moved these personalized conversations into ActiveCampaign. 

  • When a listing is updated to “Available” in Salesforce, this immediately triggers an update and automation into ActiveCampaign. 
  • This sends the “You’re Now Launched” email automation sequence for sellers. 
  • Two weeks later, contacts receive a text inquiring about their experience. 
  • Those that provide a high rating are then sent into the referral automation using the Survicate integration. 
Power Bespoke ActiveCampaign Automation
This automation triggers an SMS to clients letting them know their listing is “Available” to buyers

“It’s just a self-fulfilling process that allows us to really nurture those happiest with Power Bespoke and most likely to provide a referral. It’s amazing,” says Perry Power.

The Glue of Future Growth

Power Bespoke is a team of hardworking real estate professionals dedicated to reinventing the real estate management industry. They continue to help more clients secure amazing homes and seamlessly move into the next phase of their lives. With ActiveCampaign on their team, they have seen immeasurable growth and success. But this is just the beginning, and Perry knows that the coming years will hold the same success as the past few. 

“Success moving forward is going to look much the same really,” concluded Perry.  “We are going to keep growing with ActiveCampaign as the core piece of glue for our client experience.”

Power Bespoke team using ActiveCampaign
ActiveCampaign has helped Power Bespoke reach their goals as an award-winning team

If you want to learn more about the platform that Power Bespoke uses every day to create a personalized experience for their clients and grow their business, try ActiveCampaign for free starting today.

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