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Lawrence Ladomery, Marketing Automation Consultant
Lawrence Ladomery

I'm a marketing automation consultant and after spending 5 years working with Enterprise clients and using Enterprise platforms I took...

Company Size
1-100 employees
ActiveCampaign for Marketing

I’m a marketing automation consultant and after spending 5 years working with Enterprise clients and using Enterprise platforms I took everything I learned, embraced ActiveCampaign, and packaged it up for small businesses.

I have monthly revenue goals but no aggressive plans for growth. An important KPI is time off work, which is particularly important as we go in and out of lockdowns here in Australia. I have a couple of kids that need help homeschooling and need to be entertained 🙂

Before ActiveCampaign I was working as a full-time employee, both on the agency and client-side.

One of my goals then was to start working for myself, which I was able to do in January 2016. That’s when Automatico was born – ActiveCampaign was the main platform I used.

Biggest challenges to meeting goals

Juggling work and looking after my kids when we are in lockdown (my wife helps too, but she is a full-time employee and has less flexibility than I have)

Competition – there are now many more consultants and agencies offering ActiveCampaign services.

Getting started tips

Apart from the many resources online to get help with ActiveCampaign users should also learn about Marketing fundamentals: segments, positioning, messaging, etc… So that they use data more effectively.

ActiveCampaign has repositioned itself over the years so that it is an attractive option for mid to large companies that can’t quite justify spending $,$$$ for enterprise-grade alternatives. This has made it easier for me to work with organizations that have bigger budgets and see the value in hiring someone who is as much a strategist as an ‘implementer’.

Why I Love ActiveCampaign

How it integrates email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM.

I’ve used most marketing platforms out there and ActiveCampaign remains the best one. By far.

The Aha! moment came soon after I started using ActiveCampaign for the first time. I was working for a marketing agency in charge of a team implementing marketing automation solutions for tier one companies. I realized ActiveCampaign could do 90% of what the Enterprise platform we were using, at a fraction of the cost.

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