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Jovana Vujnic, Founder at Bumper Leads

Hi, my name is Jovana, and I'm the founder of Bumper Leads. We're a digital marketing agency that helps businesses...

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Hi, my name is Jovana, and I’m the founder of Bumper Leads. We’re a digital marketing agency that helps businesses convert more prospects into customers and also helps them set up some systems in place that they can nurture those customers into a transaction and also save time and money. 

Our customers typically have a problem where they are looking to grow their sales. So they need more sales, they might be doing a lot of advertising, but they’re just struggling to convert those leads into customers. And they may also be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the choices and technology that exists out there. And so our job is to make it easy, make it simple. We help them basically simplify and automate their systems so they can save time and money. 

Why We Love ActiveCampaign

We love ActiveCampaign. We’ve been using ActiveCampaign in our business now for seven years, we wouldn’t we think this is has been transformational and instrumental in growing our business. It has become our central hub of everything that we do. And we absolutely love where the product is going. 

The systems that we have set up in our business have enabled us to become more agile. As we are a small boutique team, we often need to pivot very quickly or the needs of our clients might change very quickly. And so we need to be able to, you know, change different communications and things like that and ActiveCampaign, the CRM functionality has made it really, really easy. We’ve been able to integrate and simplify our onboarding process. And we know exactly that from the time somebody comes in contact with us to the time then convert. All that information sits in ActiveCampaign, through the CRM, and we love how agile everything has been so far.

We’ve, as I mentioned that we have the customer onboarding process that usually takes a very long time. That has pretty much resulted in just having an automation that runs behind the scenes in ActiveCampaign that is triggered by our payment processing platform. It generates an invoice as well to be sent to the customer. All as the result of me having a conversation with them, sending an email, and everything else gets taken care of behind the scenes, all the administration gets taken care of. So I’m pretty much free. This has freed up my time to focus on serving more clients.

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