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Jessica Manca, Mindset and Career Coach
Simplify Your TechStack

In 2013, I founded Managing Mindspaces. We provide mindset, career, and leadership coaching which is accessible to anyone ready to...

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In 2013, I founded Managing Mindspaces. We provide mindset, career, and leadership coaching which is accessible to anyone ready to get out of their own way. We focus on removing inner limits (negative self-talk, overthinking, perfectionism) to achieve your personal next level. To match business growth and better scale to serve more individuals, we’re expanding services through courses and other content from our self-discovery books which adapt coaching strategies regardless of income, profession, or experience level. As a POC, we want to remove the barriers that formerly made coaching a benefit only some could afford or have access to. We want to spark the breakthroughs that change the world.

Before ActiveCampaign, we used two separate systems for email marketing and CRM which caused a lot of duplication and unnecessary tracking to see engagement and send messages at optimal times for my audience. It simply wasn’t efficient nor precise previously. 

Redefining the customer journey and allowing flexibility for creating unique learning paths through our services was our biggest challenge. It means we needed to unlearn the idea that to grow your business, you raise prices and add more high-end programs. This would only go back to making coaching not accessible to say, early career professionals or those that don’t receive coaching and training as part of their company benefits. We believe there are many other ways to grow and serve authentically all.

Getting started tips

Consider purchasing ActiveCampaign with the CRM. There is no need to keep these two systems separate anymore. Having used a few other CRMs in the past, ActiveCampaign really has created a seamless complement to their amazing email and campaign management features.

Why We Love ActiveCampaign

Automations and pipelines! We use pipelines for every offering and also some internal processes too. The automations can automatically connect when a deal moves through the pipeline by sending a campaign or creating tasks. It’s so easy to set up, and the possibilities are endless!

There are so many wins and the biggest shift is seeing higher engagement and conversion with every campaign, alongside the fact that no lead is left behind. It’s peace of mind that using AC is moving the business forward successfully!

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