TAGGUN Aims Higher and Gets Instant Results

TAGGUN Aims Higher and Gets Instant Results





The Challenge

  • Was using a marketing platform that required manual followup for sales leads
  • Needed a marketing automation solution that was easy to use for a non-techie but agile marketing team
  • Was looking for a solution that would help build better sales processes

The Solution

  • Heightened visibitility and understanding of the customer journey
  • Ability to organize TAGGUN’s sales pipeline around key milestones in the customer journey
  • With less time spent on manual processes, now able to focus more time on customers
We love ActiveCampaign because it gives us exactly what we need in a way that’s simple, easy to structure, and easy to put automations in place.

TAGGUN's receipt-scanning API has built its scale-up strategy on ActiveCampaign, saving stacks of employee time, transforming conversion rates, and focusing...

New Zealand
Company Size
1-100 employees
ActiveCampaign Marketing + Sales

TAGGUN‘s receipt-scanning API has built its scale-up strategy on ActiveCampaign, saving stacks of employee time, transforming conversion rates, and focusing on the prospects who will grow with the business.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, build a better mousetrap, and people will beat a path to your door. It’s true they probably will—and in enough numbers to keep you ticking over as a business. However, if you don’t want to settle for simply surviving, you’ll need something else: the tools that make it simple to scale your operations and ensure the people coming to your door will help you grow.

For the New Zealand-based team behind TAGGUN, that moment arrived 5 years after its launch when founder CK Lee decided it was time to take his innovative product and turn it into something bigger. He brought in Maria Abercrombie to lead sales and marketing and help turn the startup into a scale-up. She wanted to help the business grow on its own terms and found the tool that could help: ActiveCampaign.

“We love ActiveCampaign because it gives us exactly what we need in a way that’s simple, easy to structure, and easy to put automations in place,” says Maria. “It helped us build a process and build meaningful relationships with our customers. It’s great for our team because we’re not confused by having a lot of tools that aren’t relevant. Instead, we can design what works for us.”

Building a growth strategy, one automation at a time

Sales and Marketing Manager, Hannah O’Connor, is one of the team members for which ActiveCampaign made an immediate difference. “We’d been trying to use another marketing automation platform and ended up monitoring leads and replying to emails manually,” she says. “When I first stepped into this role, I didn’t have a lot of technical marketing training, but I found I could jump into ActiveCampaign and do it all easily. Having the automations has literally saved me about 30 hours a week.”

ActiveCampaign made an immediate difference by enabling Maria and Hannah to build processes to organize their activities. That proved doubly helpful when working remotely, as well as during Maria’s maternity leave.

“A key aspect of the scalability that ActiveCampaign brings is having that single point of truth where we can all work on something together,” says Hannah. “It makes it so smooth to bring on new team members or do handovers. Each day, I can go into ActiveCampaign, tick off my tasks, and set new ones. It gives me confidence that no loose ends are lying around and nothing will be missed.”

ActiveCampaign enabled Maria and Hannah to organize TAGGUN’s sales pipeline around key milestones: signing up for a free trial, making full use of the solution, becoming a “Pay As You Go” customer—and transitioning to a contract.

“It’s made an immediate difference at every stage of the pipeline,” says Maria. “We set up an abandoned cart automation for people who’ve entered their email but not completed signing up for our 30-day free trial. It converted abandoned carts to free trial conversions at 28.9%.”

Moreover, ActiveCampaign’s Google Sheets integration makes it easy to build automations based on account activity and the number of receipts customers scan. “We set up automations to reach out when people hit a certain number of scans per month and suggest they move onto a contract,” says Hannah. “It saves them money, gives our business greater revenue predictability—and wouldn’t be possible without the integrations ActiveCampaign offers.”

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Automation that helps TAGGUN look after their customers as they move from free trial into an active user

Transforming the customer experience and highlighting what works

Automations and integrations don’t just help move customers from one pipeline phase to another, they play a significant role in the quality of the experience.

“It’s completely changed our visibility of the customer journey,” says Hannah. “You go straight to ActiveCampaign, and all the information you need is there. We have so much more customer understanding, and it’s so much more efficient. The integration with Calendly doesn’t just automate booking calls with customers and sending out reminders, it also shows me the moments that led to a customer agreeing to a meeting. It helps me prep, as well as double down on what works when it comes to getting time with someone.”

Finding the right growth partners

This heightened understanding of where people are in their journey is crucial for TAGGUN’s growth strategy. It helps the sales team to focus on the prospects and customers for which scanning more receipts is a central part of growing their own business.

“I’ve learned that sales is actually a lot more about filtering than it is about attracting,” says Hannah. “Time is precious in a small company, and we want to focus that time on the customers for which our product is suited. Many of our customers are startups, and we want to be able to invest in building relationships with the ones that can grow with us. ActiveCampaign enables us to do so much of that filtering automatically, which makes a real difference to our sales team.”

It’s just one of the many ways TAGGUN takes ownership of its growth story through Customer Experience Automation (CXA). ActiveCampaign has proved the difference between waiting for your future customers to find you—and helping them beat a path to your door.

“My advice for any startup looking to reach that next level is simple: invest in ActiveCampaign,” says Hannah. “If you want a business that can scale, grow, and build the necessary relationships with customers, then it’s really the only option.”

If you want to learn more about the platform that TAGGUN uses to grow its client list and generate more leads every day, try ActiveCampaign for free starting today.

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