How UBITS Increased Student Enrollment by 30% and Boosted Productivity by 50%

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increase in student enrollment


increase in productivity

The Challenge

  • Building email campaigns manually took hours and didn’t yield results
  • Generic emails had poor open rates
  • Siloed systems made it difficult to leverage customer data to deliver value

The Solution

  • Automation allowed team to build campaigns quickly and focus on delivering value
  • Segmentation, tagging, and predictive sending gave UBITS the power to send personalized high-value emails at the best time to significantly increase open rates 
  • Integration with ActiveCampaign and UBITS course library means important information flows freely between systems, saving time and creating a better customer experience
“The data doesn't lie. Open rates, deliverability rates, and activation rates all increased after we implemented ActiveCampaign.” - Juan David Gonzalez, Activation Manager

UBITS is a corporate online Spanish-speaking learning platform that focuses on training and skill enhancement through small content modules created...

Company Size
1-100 employees
Online Training/Education
ActiveCampaign Marketing + Sales

UBITS is a corporate online Spanish-speaking learning platform that focuses on training and skill enhancement through small content modules created by industry experts. They sell courses so that employees from hundreds of companies can receive training in various fields. Today, they are the largest B2B online company in all of Latin America.

Addressing email woes with better automation

In 2021, Juan David Gonzalez, the current Activation Manager, began searching for a tool to replace their existing system Brevo due to the challenges the company was facing. UBITS was encountering difficulties in their email communication strategy. Their delivery rates were low, click-through rates were minimal, bounce rates were high, and they were not attracting enough new students for their courses. Moreover, managing communication processes required a lot of time and effort from the marketing team.

Simultaneously, they needed a tool that could connect with their own system where all their courses were hosted. They were looking for a tool that would allow them to build personalized journeys for each of their students and deliver valuable information to over 100,000 contacts at the right time. They wanted to leave behind the hours wasted on building generic emails and the effects of manual errors they faced on a daily basis.

Saving time and improving email performance with ActiveCampaign

During the negotiation process, Juan David was clear that in order to grow the business and position UBITS as the leading Spanish-speaking university in Latin America, they needed a tool that supported them in various aspects. They aimed to optimize the time wasted on manual tasks, start delivering personalized information to each contact to increase email open rates, improve course completion rates, increase email deliverability, and enhance their ability to write new courses. Ultimately, they sought a scalable tool that would support their journey to becoming the world’s largest e-learning company.

Upon discovering ActiveCampaign, Juan David and the entire UBITS team were convinced that they had found the ideal solution. With automations, they could optimize the time they had previously wasted and focus on generating more value for their customers. Through list segmentation and tagging, they could deliver valuable messages to each customer, and thanks to predictive sending, they could reach them at the right moment to increase email open rates and course engagement. Finally, with ActiveCampaign’s reporting capabilities, they could assess the impact of their campaigns, automation, and customer engagement over any desired period of time.

The importance of a fully integrated solution

One of the key requirements UBITS had for the new tool was integration. As Juan David mentioned, “We work with a custom-developed tool where we have all our courses, and we need a company that we can easily integrate with for a continuous flow of information.” Upon discovering that ActiveCampaign had open APIs, they knew they had finally found the solution they had been searching for.

Big impact in just one year

Today, after over a year of using the tool, Juan David is confident that they have found the tool that will continue to support the company’s growth. Their email delivery rate increased from 22% to 27.89%, the click-through rate in their emails rose from 2.92% to 10.8%, the bounce rate decreased from 2.17% to 1.18%, and the enrollment rate for new courses increased by 30%. All of these results were achieved while saving 50% of the time dedicated to managing communication processes.

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