How Vaultra Increased Engagement by 84% Using Marketing and Sales Automation


Increase in Engagement


Hours Saved

The Challenge

  • Industry-specific software that made automations or integrations into the rest of their tech stack difficult
  • Decentralized records of  prospect and customer touchpoints 
  • Matching inbound calls with existing deals and contacts

The Solution

  • ActiveCampaign Marketing & Sales allows for modern automation of customer communication and sales processes, saving time and allowing siloed systems to talk to each other
  • ActiveCampaign for Sales, the AC Chatbot + CallRail together allow for all customer communication to be visible in one place, improving customer experience and sales efficiency.
  • AC reports match inbound CallRail phone numbers to existing contacts and deals
I was looking for a comprehensive platform that we could leverage as both an email marketing platform CRM, and that had a lot of key integrations. I’d worked with ActiveCampaign before and had a great experience, so I knew it was the best platform to choose.

Vaultra Storage is a 100% Canadian-owned and operated company with locations across Ontario and Alberta. They provide safe and secure...

Company Size
1-100 employees
Real Estate
ActiveCampaign Marketing + Sales

Vaultra Storage is a 100% Canadian-owned and operated company with locations across Ontario and Alberta. They provide safe and secure self-storage solutions for personal, business, and vehicle needs and offer self-storage, door-to-door moving, bin rental, and 3rd party management services.

Sina Sabouri, Vaultra’s Digital Marketing Lead, has been with the company for a year and a half and has already made some big strides in helping to modernize Vaultra’s marketing processes, something they need to keep up with their speedy growth. “Within the next 4 years, we are predicting to be one of the largest self-storage companies in Canada and our operations will expand considerably,” Sina says.

Generally speaking, in the self-storage industry implementation of the latest marketing software can be challenging. Legacy systems don’t often communicate with modern marketing or sales tools, which can make innovation difficult. Sina comes from an agency background, so he’s familiar with the full gamut of automation software on the market. “I have worked with over 250 marketing software and I have to say finding the right set of tools and then implementing it based on the business needs can be quite challenging”

Finding the right marketing and sales automation solution

Sina had a lot of experience with marketing and sales automation tools. Coming into Vaultra, he knew he needed to implement the right tools to bring this growing company up to the standards he had grown accustomed to in the agency world.  “We were searching for a versatile platform that could serve as an email marketing tool, a CRM, and a marketing automation tool. Previously, I utilized ActiveCampaign while working at an agency and I had a fantastic experience with it.”

The self-storage industry is dominated by a few ERP solutions that don’t connect well with outside tools and are “not very innovative.” Sina set out to solve that problem, knowing ActiveCampaign has a robust library of integrations. “The objective was to discover a solution that could integrate all of our marketing platforms. Initially, we were utilizing Mailchimp, but we quickly realized that Mailchimp couldn’t scale with our company. ActiveCampaign stood out due to its numerous integrations, which would enable us to construct the missing data integration system in our primary CRM/ERP.”

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Personalized messaging through segmentation and automation

In addition to connecting their systems to bring all their data together, Vaultra needed a system to keep in touch with their unique customer base. People generally need self-storage services at key points in their lives, so prospect communication centers around life events rather than demographic data. Personalizing communication is one way of helping Vaultra stand out. “We are working towards making our email communication more personalized and approachable, with the aim of moving away from the typical transactional style of email marketing and instead creating a genuine connection through this channel.” 

One way Vaultra creates those relationships is by using separate nurture flows based on prospects’ interests and interactions with their product lines. “We tried to maximize the email personalization by fully leveraging the email flows and the conditional contents. Currently, we have multiple email flows for each user type, a couple for prospect flows, a couple of current customer flows, and a couple of post-purchase nurturing flows.”

Once they implemented ActiveCampaign, Sina realized he could simplify these nurture flows while still maintaining more personalized messaging. “At the beginning when our team initially set up the flows, we created tens of pathways per flow but then we discovered the goal feature which immediately reduced the complexity of email flows considerably” Leveraging the full suite of ActiveCampaign features helps simplify Vaultra’s email flows while maintaining impactful communication with prospects and customers alike. 

The power of sales automation with ActiveCampaign and CallRail

One team at Vaultra in particular is seeing the benefits of both ActiveCampaign’s marketing and sales tools, as well as a slew of useful integrations. Vaultra’s door-to-door team of 7 uses ActiveCampaign for Sales in addition to the marketing suite, using the ActiveCampaign CRM to track their pipeline. They’re also leveraging CallRail to manage phone calls and chat interactions. Using the CallRail integration with ActiveCampaign allows them to see all forms of communication in one place so they have a holistic view of where prospects and customers are in their buyer journeys. 

Another benefit to this key combination of tools is ActiveCampaign and CallRail’s ability to help match phone numbers to actual purchases. “I believe lots of SMB companies are going to see the value in this integration. Our team always had a problem matching CallRail phone numbers to actual purchases since it can be a lengthy process. ActiveCampaign CallRail integration solves that by automatically matching the data points and showing the final result in the reports” The reports that are possible because of the CallRail and ActiveCampaign make Sina’s job much simpler, giving him visibility to all the interactions a customer has with the sales team.

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The impact of automation

While it’s only been a few short months since Sina and the team at Vaultra started using ActiveCampaign, they’ve already seen a big impact. “Since October 24th, when we fully launched Activecampaign for our door-to-door service, we have seen an 84% increase in email engagement rate. This is primarily due to the perfect timing of the automated emails that nurture leads and facilitate follow-ups. Our use of the CRM system to track leads and enable our staff to do follow-ups has also helped substantially.” In addition to the engagement growth, Sina estimates ActiveCampaign and CallRail save the team 100s of hours. “Considering how limited the majority  of email marketing platforms are when it comes to automation, if I put a number on it, I would say it has saved the marketing and tech teams 500 plus hours.”

What’s next? 

Even though Vaultra has seen a big impact already, there’s still plenty of room to grow. Vaultra Marketing team is working with Vaultra’s tech team to integrate the legacy ERP system the rest of the company uses with ActiveCampaign so they can all take advantage of the benefits of an integrated tech stack. Based on the success the door-to-door team has seen with ActiveCampaign and CallRail, they’re also evaluating bringing the solution to more teams at Vaultra. The sky is the limit as Vaultra continues to grow, and ActiveCampaign will be there to scale along with them every step of the way. 

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