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The Challenge

  • Needed to more efficiently manage growing database and support for internationalization efforts
  • Customer communication was generic and lacked personalization
  • Significant time spent on repetitive managerial tasks to manage customer engagement

The Solution

  • ActiveCampaign’s robust automation capabilities provided younity with the necessary tools to manage their growing database and helped them to expand beyond the German market successfully and cater to a global audience
  • ActiveCampaign’s automation features enabled younity to implement effective segmentation, delivering more targeted and relevant emails to their customers
  • ActiveCampaign’s automation capabilities helped younity save significant time by automating workflows, tasks, and emails, allowing the team to focus more on providing quality content and engaging with customers actively
“We really started to take internationalization seriously with ActiveCampaign. We could not have expanded from 1 to 18 language markets or grown our customer base that well with any other provider on the market, to be honest.” - Matthias Mauch, CTO

At the forefront of the spiritual education space, younity is dedicated to empowering people to be fulfilled and creating valuable...

Company Size
1-100 employees
Online Training/Education

At the forefront of the spiritual education space, younity is dedicated to empowering people to be fulfilled and creating valuable experiences for individuals seeking personal growth. Recognizing the need for effective customer outreach without compromising personalization, younity turned to ActiveCampaign’s robust automation and email marketing tools. This strategic collaboration has enabled younity to amplify its impact, reaching a global audience and empowering individuals to embark on their personal growth journeys.

Transforming Customer Engagement

Prior to ActiveCampaign, younity was using KlickTipp. Matthias Mauch, CTO at younity, shared what drove the company to make a change during an in-depth conversation. He shared that the automation capabilities and broad built-in integrations were key factors in the decision. 

“ActiveCampaign has a lot of connections that we needed out-of-the-box so that we could immediately integrate our payment provider, analytics, webinar software, and so on without building our own solution.” With an ambitious growth trajectory to expand beyond the German market, younity recognized that nurturing customer relationships was pivotal. A tool that could efficiently manage their growing database of contacts as well as unify their customer data across multiple platforms was key to their ability to scale into new markets.

Driving Growth with ActiveCampaign

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Prior to ActiveCampaign, younity had about 200,000 active contacts and only operated in the German market. Most of their new customers are acquired through pay-per-click digital marketing, most notably on Facebook. Matthias and the younity team had big ambitions to expand beyond the German market, and looked to ActiveCampaign to help fuel that growth. “We really started to take internationalization seriously with ActiveCampaign. I doubt that we could have done it that well with any other provider on the market, to be honest.”

“Of course, we are focused on growth. That is probably the biggest thing,” said Matthias. Thanks to the ease of use of ActiveCampaign’s automations in conjunction with their social marketing funnels, they have seen a massive influx of leads and new customers. Currently younity’s database currently has over 2 million active contacts across 18 languages. If you were to include all contacts that number balloons to over 5 million, but Matthias shares that it is important for younity to keep their lists clean to ensure high deliverability rates.

In addition to growing its ever-expanding lead pool, ActiveCampaign’s robust automation features allowed younity to implement effective segmentation, helping them send more targeted and relevant emails to its customers. “Customers open our emails. They read our emails. They really love the stories from our emails.” This level of engagement led to a deepened sense of personalization within their customer base. “ActiveCampaign is integral to this success, especially building proper segmentation and automation. It helps people feel like we’re talking to them specifically. Actually, people really think our CEO is writing each and every email to them.”

Saving Time to Reinvest in Customers

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When thinking of the impact of ActiveCampaign, time saved is a huge component of the benefits of automations and platform integrations. Matthias shared, “Every minute we save, we will reinvest into spending it with our customers. We want to spend more time with the customer and ActiveCampaign helps with that.” Being able to offload repetitive managerial tasks that usually take time from staff allows the younity team to be more focused on providing quality content and being actively engaged with customers. “So if we automate these tasks we can spend more time writing impactful emails and making beautiful designs. If we compare to having no tool at all, we surely save hundreds of hours per month automating workflows, tasks, and emails.”

Enhancing Revenue and Performance

ActiveCampaign not only helped improve younity’s customer engagement but also significantly influenced their revenue. Since implementing ActiveCampaign younity has enjoyed: 

  • 40% open rates
  • 5% click rates
  • 0.5% spam rates
  • 0.2% unsubscribe rates
  • 360% revenue increase

These numbers show younity’s effectiveness in maintaining high engagement levels while mitigating spam rates using ActiveCampaign, and the direct impact engagement can have on revenue. 

Looking Forward

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The partnership between younity and ActiveCampaign has been an enriching journey of growth, engagement, and continuous improvement. As younity plans to intensify its efforts towards improved customer communication and retention, ActiveCampaign’s robust toolset promises to be instrumental support. Matthias voiced optimism believing that there is always room for growth, “We are now focusing on creating a seamless shopping experience where people can find the tools, they need to transform their lives.”

These words echo the spirit of continuous learning and the drive to always strive for more, hallmarks that make younity a truly unique customer of ActiveCampaign.

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