Unlock the future of ecommerce automation

Elevate your online store with ActiveCampaign’s ecommerce automation. Experience smarter marketing, enhanced customer journeys, and a noticeable boost in sales.

Product Features


  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Behavior-based segmentation
  • Multi-channel marketing automation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Site tracking
  • Order and event triggered follow-ups
  • Drag & Drop email designer
  • AI-powered content and sending
  • Web forms & landing pages
  • Built-in CRM
  • Real-time insights

Personalized product recommendations

Tailored shopping experience
Leverage store and behavior data to show each shopper the products that resonate with their unique preferences.

Increase sales and AOV
Customers are more likely to buy when they receive suggestions tailored to their tastes. Personalization increases average order values (AOV) and drives more revenue.

Deepen customer engagement
Product recommendations help foster a stronger connection, leading customers to return and engage more, boosting brand loyalty and long-term customer value.

Automation Personalized product
Automation Abandoned cart

Abandoned cart recovery

Recapture lost sales
ActiveCampaign’s automated abandoned cart recovery feature acts as a timely nudge, leading to a significant recovery of sales that would otherwise be lost.

Understand customer pain points
Analyze cart abandonment for insights into buying process issues—like shipping costs or complex checkout—to enhance the shopping experience.

Optimize with A/B testing
A/B testing recovery emails allows businesses to test different strategies and find out what works best in recapturing those almost-lost sales.

Unlock limitless possibilities with ActiveCampaign’s integrations

Ecommerce store integrations
Growing an ecommerce business becomes a breeze with ActiveCampaign’s top-rated integrations and API. Unlock the power of automation to give customers a smooth, cohesive experience while saving time.

Third-party app ecosystem
With the most diverse range of integrations in the market, ActiveCampaign ensures businesses can sync and automate data from all the tools they use, streamlining  operations to focus on what truly matters—growth and customer satisfaction.

Built-in CRM
By having all customer data in one place, businesses can automate, track, and measure every customer interaction, ensuring no touchpoint is overlooked. 

Automation Integrations