Unlock the full potential of
ecommerce channels

Elevate your ecommerce strategy with ActiveCampaign’s comprehensive channel management tools. From personalized email campaigns to targeted SMS, we empower your business to connect with customers like never before. 

Smartphone screen of an order confirmation message with a link to tracking information.


  • Drag-n-drop email designer
  • Templates
  • Content manager
  • Conditional Content
  • Email Content Generation (AI)
  • Inbox preview
  • Deliverability
  • Predictive Sending
  • Transactional email
  • SMS
  • Landing pages
  • Site messaging
  • Advertising audiences

Effective email marketing

Drag-n-drop email designer
Design emails easily with ActiveCampaign’s intuitive drag-n-drop and growing list of templates.

Personalize with Conditional Content
Tailor content for each shopper with conditional features.

AI-powered email content generation
Let ActiveCampaign’s AI craft engaging email content.

Maximize deliverability rates
Use Inbox Preview to ensure readiness and leverage ActiveCampaign’s best-in-class email deliverability.

Optimal Timing with predictive sending
Hit customers’ inbox at the time they’re most likely to open.

Computer screen of the ActiveCampaign campaign creation tool
A computer screen with a hero section and headline of "Unleash your creativity". There is also a smartphone screen of an account creation email.

Comprehensive communication channels

Transactional emails for order updates
Transactional emails keep customers informed throughout your order cycle.

Instant customer engagement via SMS
Use ActiveCampaign’s SMS for customers that prefer to communicate instantly.

Landing pages for campaign conversion
Convert more leads with ActiveCampaign’s landing pages.

Real-time site messaging
Pop timely messages in your store to engage shoppers in key moments.

Precise audience targeting for ads
Use customer data from ActiveCampaign  to create powerful audiences in your preferred ad platforms.

Enhanced customer experience

Seamless cart recovery
Recover carts effortlessly with ActiveCampaign.

Targeted recommendations
Offers personalized product suggestions for each individual shopper.

Behavior-triggered campaigns
React to user behavior with ActiveCampaign’s automation campaigns.

Post-Purchase engagement
Keep customers engaged post-purchase to drive repeat sales.

Photograph of a beige, yet hip, sitting room with plants and an orange chair. overlaid on top of the image are text boxes that show the flow of an ActiveCampaign automation from the first step of "Contact Abandons Cart" to "Send email: Take 15% off of your next order"