Unlock unprecedented ecommerce insights

ActiveCampaign brings you powerful store and customer insights at your fingertips. From real-time order data to tracked shopper activity across all touchpoints, understand your customers better and drive exponential growth.

Product Features


  • Store & campaign performance metrics
  • Conversion rates
  • Revenue attribution
  • Real-time order insights
  • Customer purchase history
  • Product performance analysis
  • Tailored data visualization
  • Cross-channel analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Multi-touch attribution
  • Channel contribution
  • Customer journey mapping

Connect your store

Integrate your store for real-time data syncing that will help you run and grow your business.



Performance metrics
Utilize ActiveCampaign’s insights to track vital store and campaign performance indicators, enhancing your marketing strategy.

Conversion rates
Analyze and optimize conversion rates to transform prospects into satisfied and loyal customers.

Revenue attribution
ActiveCampaign’s revenue analytics offer a deep understanding of income streams, empowering profitable growth.

Insights Reporting 1
Insights Order and product data

Order & product data

Real-time order insights
ActiveCampaign’s real-time insights provide instant visibility into orders, ensuring timely decisions and automated action.

Customer purchase history
Access detailed customer purchase history, enabling personalized marketing and robust relationship-building.

Product performance analysis
Analyze individual product success with ActiveCampaign, tailoring your offerings for maximum impact and revenue.

Custom reporting

Tailored data visualization
Slice your data in new and creative ways to transform numbers into insightful, actionable charts and graphs.

Cross-channel analysis
Unify your analytics with ActiveCampaign’s cross-channel analysis, providing a comprehensive view of all marketing efforts.

Customer segmentation
Segment your customers with precision, ensuring relevant content reaches the right audience all the time.

Insights Custom reporting
Insights Attribution


Multi-touch attribution
Track every touchpoint with ActiveCampaign’s multi-touch attribution, offering a holistic view of the customer’s journey.

Channel contribution
Understand each channel’s impact to your business, analyzing contributions to revenue and conversions.

Customer journey mapping
Map customer interactions seamlessly with ActiveCampaign’s journey mapping, creating a clear path to conversion.