Automate recurring payments and subscriptions

Create frictionless subscription experiences in just a few clicks. Our recurring payment toolkit boosts customer lifetime value, increases average order value, and builds brand loyalty.

Product Features


  • Recurring payment automations
  • Payment-based automation triggers
  • Recurring payment contact fields
  • Payment management
  • Personalized discounts
  • Store integration
  • Personalization tags
  • Segmentation
  • Sales CRM
  • Cross-sell automations
  • Upsell automations
  • Abandoned cart reminders

Recurring payments
made easy

Optimize subscription management
Automate payment processes to simplify the customer journey and offer subscription options straight from your storefront.

Improve customer retention
Make it easy for customers to get more of what they love. Recurring payments improve satisfaction and drive lifetime customer value.

Reduce your churn rate
Ensure every subscriber feels valued with relevant email content, payment support reminders, and 1:1 follow-ups.

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ecommerce automations made easy by ActiveCampaign

Get relevant content
to the right segments

Effortlessly segment your contacts
Make sure the right deal lands in the right person’s inbox with flexible personalization tags and dynamic content.

Turn one-time purchasers into brand loyalists
Find out what resonates for each customer and use it to drive relevant upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Generate new sales with targeted messaging
Automate meaningful email, SMS, and digital marketing campaigns to delight shoppers and drive sales.

Increase your
average order value

Offer personalized discounts
Customize your coupons for specific segments to turn leads into recurring subscription revenue.

Power recommendations with actionable insights
Discover new ways to deliver value for your contacts. Knowing your segments inside and out helps you build tailored product catalogs.

Find new revenue opportunities
Keep track of your customers’ preferences and behaviors in our built-in CRM feature to show relevant subscription offers at the right time.

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