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of all kinds

Use our tools and 930+ integrations to reach your target audience, promote your products, and generate leads. With our platform, you have everything you need to sell your products and grow your business.

Example of automation flow with the steps Contact makes a Purchase, Send Email: "Thanks for your order!", Wait: 3 days, Send Email: "Take 20% off your next purchase".

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Online & offline
Run a unified automation strategy for all your stores whether they are online, brick & mortar or both.

Deeply Personalized
Keep track of all interactions and behaviors to trigger automation that deeply personalize the experience of each shopper.

Communicate with customers at the right time and using the channel they prefer the most across email, SMS & social.

Example of an online shopping cart screen.
Mockup of an ecommerce website that sells bikes. The headlinne on the homepage is Ride Beyond Limits. The subtitle is Empowering riders with innovative technology since 1995.


Leverage your data
Make your owned customer data actionable to automate ideal experiences for each shopper.

Optimize path to revenue
Effectively move consumers through your funnel by delivering right content, right time, right channel content.

Drive repeat purchases
Automate actions for key customer segments to unlock recurring revenue for your business.

Connect to all your favorite apps

We have 930+ apps that can help automate your business across advertising, social, and so much more!

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Up-to-date catalogs
Constantly updated product catalogs to reflect the latest pricing and stock changes from your store.

Drive intent
Use features like forms, abandoned cart recovery and ad integrations to turn visits into purchases

Unlock new revenue
Automate on behavioral data to cross-sell new customers into more products usually bought together

Mockup of an ecommerce store management screen that sells plants.
Mockup of the category page of an ecommerce website named Arlen Tool Company. There are four flags. From top to bottom they represent the United States, the United Kingdom, The European Union, and Japan.


360˚ view of your customers
Track, engage, convert business leads using automation to propel your wholesale business to new heights.

Mulit-store & multi-currency
Operate multiple stores selling in different countries leveraging the same automation strategy.

Build for B2B
Automate assigning deal values, customizing account fields and attaching contracts to each customer record.


Demand & Supply
Create best-in-class, differentiated experiences for both buyers & sellers.

Achieve liquidity faster
With automation, buyers find an assortment of great products and sellers sell fast.

All your data in one place
Sync data from all the apps you rely on to grow your marketplace and use it to automate all workflows.

Mockup of an ecommerce store review page.