What's Your Email Deliverability?

Email gives you the highest success rate of any marketing channel. But not all platforms excel at email deliverability. We’re committed to your success, so it’s not just our job to deliver billions of emails every month exactly where (and when) they need to go. It’s our mission.

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What is email deliverability?

Email deliverability measures the ability to deliver emails to a recipient’s email inbox. Deliverability is also related to inbox placement – whether your email appears in the primary inbox or the spam folder. The best email content in the world can’t make up for poor deliverability.

What affects your email deliverability?

Getting an email in an inbox depends on many factors that determine whether an email is delivered, blocked, or even filtered as junk or spam.

Reputation checks

Mailbox providers rigorously assess sender, IP address, content, and domain reputation to decide whether an email is trustworthy.

Email Authentication

Authentication protocols empower Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to verify the legitimacy of email sends.

Email engagement metrics

Sender reputation is intricately tied to engagement metrics like open and click rates, influencing inbox placement.

Sending behavior

Fluctuations in the volume of email campaigns, frequency, and cadence impact deliverability.

Bounce rate

Failing to address email bounces can harm sender reputation and deliverability.

Spam Complaints

Mailbox providers often take action against senders accumulating spam complaints.

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The number one factor has to be email deliverability for any platform

“I spent a lot of time comparing solutions before deciding on ActiveCampaign. The number one factor has to be email deliverability for any platform, otherwise there’s no point to even sending emails. ActiveCampaign delivers!”

— Shen S, G2 crowd review

How can you improve email deliverability?

ActiveCampaign makes these 6 email deliverability best practices easy, to help improve your email deliverability score.

Practice email list hygiene

List hygiene is critical to maintain a good sender reputation. ActiveCampaign makes list cleanup easy by automatically reviewing and removing inactive addresses so lists are always up-to-date.

Send engaging content

Low open rates signal that contacts aren’t engaged with your emails. ActiveCampaign has pre-built automations and re-engagement campaigns to keep engagement high with consistent, relevant content.

Choose double-opt in

Double opt-in means contacts receive an email to confirm their list subscription. ActiveCampaign makes double opt-in easy so your lists see better engagement metric results, and your sending reputation is strong.

Domain authentication

Simplify domain purchasing and authentication directly within our platform, guaranteeing uninterrupted communication, boosting open rates, optimizing sender reputation, and avoiding spam filters.

Make it easy to unsubscribe

Unengaged recipients cause email deliverability to drop. ActiveCampaign includes an opt-out link in every email so your entire list is made up of engaged contacts that want your emails — and get them.

Monitor your campaigns

An active and engaged list helps maintain list hygiene. ActiveCampaigns automatically monitors key email metrics like clicks, opens, and bounces to help determine how relevant and engaging your emails are.

Choose a reputable provider

Not all email providers have great deliverability. ActiveCampaign has a best-in-class email sender reputation and works with our customers to keep their email score rate high.

ActiveCampaign leads the pack when it comes to email deliverability

We’re members of top industry groups like M3AAWG, TrustRadius named us top-rated email marketing software of 2020, and G2 named ActiveCampaign a leader across nine categories. We use that expertise to continuously develop new ways to empower and educate customers to achieve a higher return on investment from emails.

We deliver to the highest standards

We’re confident in our deliverability standards, working as hard as you do to protect your email deliverability, provide the stability you need, and help you stay compliant.

We control our infrastructure, so you stay in control of your email’s impact.

Other solutions may outsource to 3rd party vendors where they have little control or insight into their email reputation. Unreliable deliverability means fewer emails in inboxes, fewer clicks — and fewer sales. Since we own our full delivery stack, that means:

Send more emails, faster.

We send hundreds of thousands of messages per minute with complete control over the reliability, scalability, and resiliency of our system.

You save money.

Managing MTAs in-house costs a fraction of a premium third-party vendor — and we pass the savings on to you.

You know email grows your business. Our technology gets it in front of people.

Solid fundamentals

Monitoring our infrastructure to address deliverability issues before they arise? We do that. Registered with all the major mailbox providers to receive spam reports from their feedback loops? Yeah we are. Suppressing addresses that click the spam button from future sends to protect your email reputation? We got you covered there, too.


We innovate for speed

We constantly innovate so we can process massive amounts of email messages more quickly. We handle large sends in bulk, but also make sure that one-off automated emails get special treatment to bypass complex systems. When possible, we securely send emails via our private network instead of the public internet, so the average send time is decreased by 10x.


Our technology keeps you safe

We use best-in-class technology to detect potential abuse before it has a chance to reach an inbox. This system scans billions of emails to keep ActiveCampaign’s infrastructure clean, and we stay on top of compliance requirements so that you don’t have to. You can focus on what matters — staying connected to your customers and leads.


We support high volume senders

We have everything you need to succeed as a high volume sender. That includes authentication protocols (DKIM and DMARC), custom mail server domains, and pre-warmed dedicated IPs.


Tools that land your emails in inboxes

Your customers really want to get your emails — that’s why they opted into your list, after all. We even give you tools that test email deliverability to help make sure that happens.

Predictive Sending

Use machine learning to email customers at the perfect time when they’re most likely to click.

Campaign Preview

Make sure every email looks perfect across different browsers, inboxes, and devices.

Spam Check

Click send with confidence that your messages are less likely to trigger spam filters.

Domain authentication

Help keep your campaigns out of spam folders and protect your domain and reputation.

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