Build more engaging emails that grow your business in less time

Our new email designer brings exciting updates and added features to your everyday use of ActiveCampaign, while delivering the best possible email experience to your customers. 

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Build emails your customers will love.

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An updated designer for an improved experience

Create better emails in less time

The simplified UI makes it easier to navigate and more intuitive to build emails customers will love.

Send reliable & consistent campaigns

The new designer was built with your own experience in mind, so you know exactly what your customers will see when they open your emails.

Scale your email efforts

Grow and scale your business through advanced email marketing capabilities that allow you to put your best foot forward.


More engaging emails with fewer headaches

Build the way you want

Easily toggle between HTML and drag-and-drop options. Resize columns and layouts. Create responsive emails with more reliable formatting and rendering for the best possible email experience.
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Use grouped structures to create layouts quickly

Create layouts in just a few clicks

Deliver the right content to the right person quicker than ever before by using predefined elements so you can easily set up email campaigns that deliver exceptional results.

Automate your emails for better engagement

Connect high-quality, branded emails to multi-step automation workflows and ensure each customer’s experience is tailored to their actions, preferences, and behaviors.
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Abandoned Cart

Recover lost revenue with automatic follow-up

Include recommendations based on a customer’s specific interests based on their activity across your site and in their shopping cart. Engage them the moment they navigate away so and recover revenue that otherwise could be lost. 

Use advanced features to engage customers

Send each customer the content they’re most likely to engage with, bring your favorite templates into the new designer, and see how emails will look across systems and devices.
Use advanced features to engage customers

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