AI Content Generation

With the power of cutting-edge AI technology, ActiveCampaign AI makes it easier than ever to create personalized and engaging customer experiences at every touchpoint. 

Generate easy AI content for your campaigns
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Why use AI?

AI powered content generation empowers marketers to ideate, compose, and reiterate to perfection. Go from idea to quality content at lightning speed! Personalize relevant content that’s optimized for your customer’s experience, revise with feedback, and refine your marketing strategy overtime. 

Work faster. Write better. Deliver quality touchpoints. ⚡

Effortlessly generate content optimized for your audiences

Accelerate your writing process and turn keywords into written content ready to be refined and delivered.

AI generated rich content around new campaign creation
Easily tune AI generated feedback to make it perfect for your messaging

Fine tune your campaigns and strike the right tone

Craft the perfect campaign with AI content generation that iterates based on your feedback and test content for tone, structure, and intent that wins over your audience.

Refine your marketing strategy for better results

Experiment with variants across campaigns to identify what resonates best with customers and improve their personalized experience.

Easily A/B test different images and messaging to work for your business