Automation handles what no one else has time for

It’s like getting an extra employee without needing an extra desk
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Smarter automation leads to better experiences


Marketing automation takes care of details so you can focus on the stuff you love

What can you automate? Try a welcome series with email automation. Track contact engagement with tags, custom fields, analytics, and performance reporting. Pull info from every offline and digital channel (social media, live chat, landing pages, text messaging, and everywhere else) to automate the marketing no one has time for.

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It's really freed me up, mentally, knowing that information is collected as orders are coming in. With all the automations we're using, the store runs by itself. I'm able to focus on other projects.

How Morrow Audio utilized marketing automations to recover lost revenue and increase average customer lifetime value


Recovery of abandon carts


Won on potentially lost sales

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Get the tools you need to be successful today and in the future

Welcome Emails

Automatically send welcome emails to new contacts

Engagement Score

Find your engaged and loyal buyers with this automation

Automatic Reminders

Trigger a reminder notification for important customer dates

Pre-made Automations

Check Out 6 Automation Templates You Can Import Right Now

Small Business Automations

6 Small Business Automations That Streamline Your Processes

Ecommerce Automation

18 Ecommerce Automations You Can Use Right Now

Revenue Calculator

See how much revenue you’re losing from cart abandonment

Ecommerce Automations

Get 5 ecommerce automations in this starter pack

Strategy Templates

Need to organize your marketing? Get this free template

Automate your marketing in a few simple clicks

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use a marketing automation platform. A drag-and-drop automation builder lets you set up automated workflows in minutes. Take the next step with email automation, or automate text messages, Facebook Ads, lead nurture, lead scoring, and any other part of your customer lifecycle.

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Segmentation makes sure the right people get the right info

Segmentation lets you send exactly what your contacts want to see. When you automate your segments, you can deliver personalized follow-ups with dynamic email content, A/B test flows, and make your drip campaigns more effective.

See your entire customer lifecycle in the automations map

See all your automations in a single view. With a birds-eye view of your marketing automation platform, you can check performance reports quickly, then make tweaks without worrying about stuff going wrong. Your whole customer lifecycle is connected across every channel.
See your whole marketing strategy

“I love that I can see exactly how my automations look, and how easy it is to update them down the road if I make some changes to my marketing strategies.”

— Dawn M., 5-star, G2 Crowd Review


Whenever you need support or training, it’s here for you

If you ever aren’t sure what to do, pre-built automation workflows, marketing campaign automation guides, training videos, and live one-on-one support are here for you. And if you need a place to start, our pre-made engagement automations take 66 seconds to set up (yes, we timed it).
“When we first launched, I had no idea of how to market online. Kelly, our account rep, walked side by side with us. The level of service and support that we receive to this day is unparalleled.”

— Stephen Ezell, CEO, MyGreenFills

“The customer service is the best I’ve experienced with any software or website on the internet.”
— Seth T., 5-star G2 Crowd review
“After initial setup and process, learning and introducing the system, through extremely fast, quality, and detailed support, you will find that you no longer want to work without this tool.”
— Danijel S., 5-star G2 Crowd review

Try your marketing automation platform for free today

Try ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation platform free. No credit card required. Instant set-up.

Integrate with the marketing tools you already use

You should be able to use any marketing tool you like. That’s why ActiveCampaign integrates with over 870+ different apps, including CRM software, landing pages, content management systems like WordPress, integration tools like Zapier, and ecommerce stores Shopify.


What can you get in a marketing automation platform?

ActiveCampaign lets you connect every channel you use in your business. Pull in data from email marketing, social media, digital advertising, and your website, then use automation to segment your contacts, personalize your messages, schedule marketing campaigns, and create stronger customer experiences.

Site tracking

What do people do on your website? Connect your CMS tool to track actions on your site, then follow up with triggered messages.

Sign-up forms

Collect email addresses, segment your audience, and trigger automations with custom forms and landing pages.

Migration services

We’ll migrate your automations, email templates, sign-up forms, and contacts to ActiveCampaign for free.

Goal tracking

Track goal analytics and conversions to see what’s working and what isn’t in your marketing.

Advanced reporting

Figure out which marketing campaign automation gets results. Use performance and custom reports to find ways to grow.


Track the entire customer lifecycle to see where your customers come from.

Split action

Find your top performing automations by A/B testing your automations and email funnels against each other.

Lead scoring

Find your most engaged contacts and nurture leads to offer them exactly what they want.

Notification emails

Let automation nurture your leads, then notify you and automate task assignment at the perfect moment to follow up.

Save time and grow your business.

Try ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation platform free. No credit card required. Instant set-up.

Increased our revenues by over 150% in the last 12 months
“The automations have enabled me to get more engagement with my subscribers. My targeting is much better and this has enabled us increase our revenues by over 150% in the last 12 months.”

— Deji DJ S., 5-star G2 Crowd review