Maximize your sales potential by aligning your pipeline to your customers’ buying journey and use automation to seamlessly move your leads through deal stages.

Feature image that demonstrates moving a contact through the sales pipeline. There is also an image of a man talking on a headset.

Track, score, qualify, and convert leads

Track the progress of each lead and determine which opportunities need attention. And with lead scoring and win probability you can easily identify which opportunities are the most likely to close so you can prioritize your efforts accordingly. 

Three boxes displaying different leads and lead scores for each qualified lead.
Exciting callout box displaying pipeline metrics. There are 357 total deals, 180K forecast value, 165K actual won amount, and 92% forecast accuracy.

Project revenue with more certainty

Review pipeline metrics to give you an idea of pipeline health, sales activity, and stage conversion rates. These give you an accurate way to forecast sales and revenue.

  • Number of leads: How many leads have been qualified?
  • Average deal size: How much money does your average sale bring in?
  • Sales cycle length: How long does it take to close a deal?
  • Close ratio: What percentage of leads convert to actual sizes
  • Average deal lifetime: How long is a deal in your pipeline before they’re won or lost?

Fine tune your sales strategy

Identify where your leads are coming from and which selling strategies are most effective, helping you to assess the strong and weak stages of your lead pipeline so you can fine-tune your sales efforts.

Timeline of a users actions on a site. The steps include visiting the site, an automated note gets created that the user is looking for specialty food for puppies, and a note to follow up with the customer.

Create Deal from a form

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Move Deal to next stage

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Notify when deal has not closed

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